Is There Any Free Text-To-Speech? 9 Best Options To Consider

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Is there any free text-to-speech? Let’s learn how these tools can enhance productivity and explore if there are no-cost alternatives in this guide!

Text-to-speech tools come to the rescue when you have a mountain of documents to read. However, the cost can often be a hurdle.

So, the burning question is: Is there any free text-to-speech app out there? Join us as we explore the realm of voice-generating technology. Let’s get started!

Is There Any Free Text-To-Speech?

The answer is Yes. There are many free text-to-speech tools. However, they don’t offer as many features as the paid ones.

For example, free apps often give access to a small part of the languages and voices on the premium version. The file formats are limited, too.

Even so, you can use free text-to-speech apps to read your documents aloud easily. Here are the best tools to consider.


Speechify can convert your text into natural-sounding speech in no time. While the free version isn’t available, you can install its Chrome extension. Then, explore the text-to-speech features with 1,500 free characters.

You can also choose your favorite accent and language of the voiceover. The app also enables you to increase or slow down the speed.

Speechify offers natural voices in over 30 languages. However, with the free plan, you can only use basic voices. Other features are limited, too.


With Murf, you can transform your texts into stunning voice overs using cutting-edge AI technology. It also allows you to work with more than 110 voices in up to 15 languages.

But that’s not all! Murf makes it super easy to sync your voiceovers with music, images, and videos. You have full control over the AI voice’s emphasis, punctuation, and pitch.

Murf also comes with a handy tool for correcting grammar mistakes. Hence, you can edit or write scripts effortlessly.

Capti Voice

Capti Voice is a free website for text-to-speech conversion. It offers a personal plan completely free of charge.

Moreover, Capti Voice serves many purposes, such as reading documents, web pages, and e-books. What sets it apart is its commitment to accessibility, catering to those with print disabilities and vision impairment.

Yet, Capti Voice lacks automatic text file synchronization across platforms. So, if you change any text on your laptop, it won’t automatically update on your phone.

Text to Speech,

1. Capti Voice helps you perform many tasks


WordTalk is an excellent plugin for Microsoft Word that offers seamless text-to-speech functionality. This tool stands out for its ease of use within Word. You can also take advantage of its text highlighting and talking dictionary features.

To use this free tool, simply position your cursor where you’d like it to start reading. Then, click one button on the toolbar, and there you go.

Unfortunately, WordTalk’s primary drawback is its exclusivity to Microsoft Windows. Hence, you can’t use it on webpages, Macs, and other processors.


Wideo primarily serves as an online video maker. However, it offers tons of extra features, including a free page for text-to-speech conversion. So, you can transform the text into voice and conveniently download it.

Regrettably, Wideo lacks certain accessibility features. For example, you can’t customize the font style and size.

Voice Dream Reader

Apple users don’t want to miss Voice Dream Reader, which offers up to 61 free voices. With synchronized highlighting, reading becomes a breeze.

Voice Dream Reader supports various text file formats, ensuring compatibility with your content. You will enjoy the convenience of uploading text from various sources.

There’s more! Voice Dream Reader works offline. It means that you can have your texts read aloud at any time, anywhere.

Text to Speech,

2. Voice Dream Reader is ideal for Apple users

Natural Reader

With the free plan of Natural Reader, you will access AI voices in eight languages. You can also convert text from documents in various formats, like EPUB and doc with ease.

Android and iOS users can try Natural Reader’s text-to-speech service. Best of all, this incredible AI voice generator tool is completely free. You can get all the features listed above without spending a dime.

Is Natural Reader Free?: Discover if Natural Reader offers a free plan to access AI voices. This information could be added after mentioning that free text-to-speech tools don’t offer as many features as paid ones.

Read Aloud

ReadAloud can convert web page content into audio seamlessly. Compatible with various websites, the tool brings the text to life.

ReadAloud offers over 150 voices in multiple languages. You have control over all voice elements, such as volume, reading speed, and pitch. The text-highlighting feature will enhance your reading experience.

Additionally, this tool supports various file formats, including Google Docs, PDF, EPUB, and Amazon Kindle. It also provides a website widget for seamless integration into any webpage.


Balabolka doesn’t provide its own AI voices. Yet, it can access and utilize all computer voices on your system for text-to-speech conversion.

Balabolka offers an extensive range of configuration options. Thus, you can adjust settings, such as voice type, rate, articulation, quality, and file size.

Moreover, to facilitate navigation through lengthy texts, you can add bookmarks for easy reference. Balabolka provides extra features to customize word pronunciation according to your preferences, too.

Text to Speech,

3. Balabolka offers many additional features

Our recommendation:

Considering the information provided in the article, it seems that there are several viable options for free text-to-speech tools. One of the options mentioned is MicMonster. MicMonster offers natural-sounding voices with emotions and can be used for various purposes such as creating AI voiceovers for videos, e-learning courses, tutorials, and more. It’s worth exploring MicMonster as one of the potential choices for your text-to-speech needs.

How To Use Free Text-To-Speech?

Using free text-to-speech tools is a breeze. The instructions may differ from app to app. Yet, here is a general guide to get you started:

  • Choose your favorite app from the list above.
  • Explore the app’s settings to select your preferred voice, language, and other parameters.
  • Convert the text into speech.
  • Enjoy the speech.
  • Some tools allow you to listen to the audio directly or download the generated speech as an audio file.
Text to Speech,

4. Free text-to-speech tools are easy to use

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There are many text-to-speech tools. Of course, they don’t offer all the features paid tools have, but you can still convert texts into speeches smoothly.

So, feel free to experiment with different tools, whether you’re a student or a content creator. Then, you can settle on the most suitable app for your needs!

Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas to try to convert texts into speeches without any cost. For any further information, do not hesitate to reach us. Thank you for reading!

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