Balabolka Alternative For Converting Text into Speech

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In this article, we’ll look at some of the alternatives of Balabolka text-to-speech software, which works both offline and online and is accessible for both computers and smartphones. 

Balabolka is a free program that is one of the earliest text-to-speech programs available for the Windows platform. 

Sound and speed regulation, reading audio files right in the editor, and speaking excel (Xls) files are just a few of its features. 

Balabolka is free for personal use, but it may be used for commercial reasons by installing other voices on the computer and integrating them with Balabolka.

But as we have heard grass looks greener on the other side, similarly Balabolka seems to be the perfect text-to-speech software but in reality, it has several limitations like: 

  • There are just the default Windows voices to choose from.
  • Only the Windows operating system is supported.
  • UI is not very impressive
  • Works quite slow
  • Very time consuming
  • It lags a lot
  • Pronunciation is not clear

Now all these limitations pointed above are the most crucial features for a text-to-speech software that Balabolka lacks. 

This is why we have come up with this article, to help you find the best text-to-speech software with more features and cost efficiency too.

1. Micmonster

Micmonster is at the top of our list for two reasons: its quality and the price packages it provides to end customers. While reviewing this software, we noted that Micmonster’s voice quality is really natural and authentic.

It is an A.I. Human Sounding Voice Over Software that allows us to customize the voice style and emotions. Within 7 seconds or less, you can create a natural-sounding voice-over. 

MicMonster software helps in converting text into audio. This is text-to-speech software that is cloud-based and will let you create voice-overs for your work. 

Based on our testing and research, I feel this is the greatest solution because it is the only software of its kind that gives a form to the speech.

Features of MicMonster:

  • Powerful AI Software That Transforms Any Text Into Clear Voiceovers In 48 Languages & Dialects In Both Male and Female Voices. (Yes. 48 Languages!)
  • The Cutting Edge In Text-To-Speech Technology That Allows You To Choose Voice Emotions (Available for English USA, Chinese & Portuguese Languages)… Say Goodbye To Bland & Robotic Voiceovers For Good.
  • Get Your Hands On The Mobile-Friendly Tool That Allows You To Use Any Device: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, etc. And… That Works With Any Video Creation Platform As Well.
  • No Tech Skills Needed: Micmonster Is A 100% Cloud Based Solution That Requires No Installation. Save Time And Skip The Headaches.
  • 200+ Voices – The addition of several languages and texts is the finest feature of MicMonster software.  MicMonster features male and female speakers. You may find a variety of voices for your next project. Before selecting a voice, you can also listen to an example.
  • They provide free support and are always willing to assist you if you have any questions in your mind. 
  • Add Pauses – Micmonster uses punctuation to add stops automatically. 
  • Cross-Platform – You may create a Voiceover from any device, including Android and Mac. Micmonster is a cloud-based setup (versatile responsive)
  • 3 Simple Clicks – MicMonster is so simple to use that even a kid can create a Voiceover. Choose your language and voice, then type or paste your text. Create and download.

Voice Samples of MicMonster:


2. Notevibes

The second online TTS tool on our list is Notevibes. After checking it out, we decided to include it on our list because of its advanced, easy-to-use front-end voice editor, support for numerous voice speakers, and affordable personal and business subscription options. 

It contains all of the features that a user would expect from online TTS software. Few of its features are:

  • Presets, audio emphasis, and other advanced audio tuning features are provided.
  • Both MP3 and.wav formats are supported.
  • When compared to few other applications, Note Vibes offers more speakers (voices) to pick from.
  • When compared to other plans, personal and business plans are less expensive. Plans for natural readers
  • MP3 files are available for free download.


  • The personal plan lacks an advanced audio editing function.
  • Only the commercial plan allows you to download audio in.wav format.
  • There is no bookmark section 
  • Robotic sounding Voices
  • Expensive


  • Limited Free Online Usage
  • Personal Pack: $9/month | $84/ year ($7/month)
  • Commercial Pack: $90/month | $840/year ($70/month)

Voice Samples:

3. Wideo

The Wideo video editing company offers a unique add-on called Wideo text to speech. This text to speech programme is the most basic of them all, and the major advantage of using it is that users never have to pay anything, even for audio that is intended for commercial use. 

It supports more than 25 languages in the Wideo database, which includes 10+ natural-sounding human voices and support for more than 25 languages from throughout the world. 

The speech can be downloaded in MP3 format by the user. There’s also a speed control and a preview feature.


  • Poor interface
  • Voices sound robotic
  • Character limit is 2000 a day


  • Free of cost

Voice Samples: 

4. Natural Reader

Natural Reader (software) is a product of Natural Reader TTS. Except for the price plans and available voices, there isn’t much difference between online and offline Natural Reader, since we’ve already discussed the advantages of Natural Reader. 

It features a Mini-board function, which is noteworthy. Miniboard allows the user to read text from any software or web browser.

Miniboard is a separate window that may be accessed by pressing the “more v” button in the top right corner of the programme interface. 

txt, pdf, Docx, ppt, odt, jpg, png, and non-DRM epub are among the documents that may be read.


  • MP3 conversion are not included in the free plan.
  • The user is unable to save audio files in the.wav format.
  • The audio files cannot be used for commercial purposes by the user.
  • Expensive
  • Robotic Sound


  • Free plan
  • Personal plan: $99.50
  • Professional plan: $129.50
  • Ultimate plan: $199.50

Voice Samples:

Best Recommended

We would personally recommend MicMonster. Why are we recommending MicMonster? Well, MicMonster is a really useful software that always comes handy. 

There is a variety of text-to-speech software available on the market. The majority of them, though, do not sound realistic.But MicMonster specializes in this area. 

The program’s creators have commented on how human-like the software’s voices seem right from the start. I tested it out, and it got my attention. 


These were the 4 best Text-To-Speech Software that we have chosen for you that work way better than Balabolka. Choose Wisely!

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