What is TTS For Streamers? Is TTS A Good Solution For Your Stream?

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We all know that streaming is popular in the entertainment field. As proof, millions of people follow to watch their favorite streamers play games, create art, and share their thoughts and experiences.

One way that streamers can engage with their audience is by using TTS technology. In this article, we’ll explore: What is TTS for streamers? By the end of this article, you’ll understand better whether TTS is for your stream.

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What Is TTS For Streamers?

Text to Speech, What Is TTS For Streamers

What Is TTS For Streamers?

TTS (Text-to-Speech) for live streamers is a feature that allows viewers to send messages to their chat. This message is then read aloud in a computer-generated voiceover. 

As for usability, it could be a way for viewers to interact with the streamer and create entertaining content. 

How Does TTS For Streamers Work? 

TTS for streamers works by a software program that converts written text to speech. The program typically uses a pre-recorded database of words and phrases that it can string together to form coherent sentences. 

When a viewer enters a message into the chat, the TTS program reads the text and then converts it into an audio clip played back through the live streamer’s microphone and broadcast to the viewers.

Currently, streaming platforms often integrate the TTS tool. On the other hand, it can also be a separate program that runs alongside the streaming software. Today, several third-party TTS software programs are available, such as:

  • Streamlabs Chatbot
  • Nightbot
  • Deepbots

To use TTS on your streams, you must configure the TTS software to work with their chat platform.

In other words, you must set up this tool to connect to the chat server. Then, specify which chat messages should be read aloud. Also, you can configure the TTS voice to match your preferences. 

Benefits Of Using TTS For Streamers 

Text to Speech, What Is TTS For Streamers

Benefits Of Using TTS For Streamers

So, why are so many people using this modern tool? Find out the reasons below!


Because TTS allows viewers to send messages read aloud using computer-generated voices, it creates a more immersive experience for the streamer and the audience. 

Thanks to it, viewers can engage with the streamer and other viewers. At the same time, their messages can add to the entertainment of the stream.

TTS can also help build a sense of community among viewers as they can interact with others in real time through chat. It leads to rising engagement and a more loyal audience because viewers feel a part of a shared experience.


A second advantage of using TTS for streamers is its accessibility. 

Specifically, TTS can make streams more accessible to viewers who have difficulty reading chat content (those who are blind or have dyslexia). 

These viewers can still participate in the conversation and feel included in the stream’s community by reading-aloud messages.

Besides, TTS can be a valuable tool for non-native speakers or viewers who may be challenged by the language used in chat. 

Thanks to messages read aloud, these viewers can better understand the conversation and participate more fully in the stream.

Text to Speech, What Is TTS For Streamers

TTS For Streamers


TTS allows streamers to customize the voice used to read messages in their chat. First, you can choose from various voices and tones. These include robotic voices or more natural-sounding voices. Thus, you can pick the more suitable one depending on your tune and streaming style.

Second, you can also adjust the voice’s volume and speed. It is also worth noting that some tools now allow you to add special effects or filters to make TTS messages stand out.

Finally, you can tailor it to your brand or theme when live streaming. For example, if you focus on classic games, you can choose a TTS voice that sounds like an old computer or a game console. Meanwhile, a streamer focused on horror games can use creepy or spooky voices.

In short, this benefit can help streamers create a more engaging and immersive experience for viewers, and it can also help build their brand and identity.

Multi-language Support

Regarding the benefits of TTS in streaming, it’s impossible not to mention its multilingual support. Streamers can create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for non-native speakers. 

Hence, they can attract viewers from different parts of the world. This way, they can increase engagement and attract more audiences to their stream.

Highlighting Donations

When viewers donate to the streamer, the TTS system can read their message aloud. By highlighting these donations, you can show appreciation for your viewers’ support and create a more active and supportive community.

Besides, this benefit can help increase the number of donations and revenue for the streamer. The reason is that viewers will likely donate more when they know their message will be read aloud and acknowledged.

Is TTS Suitable For Your Stream? 

Text to Speech, What Is TTS For Streamers

Is TTS Suitable For Your Stream?

While TTS is useful for live streaming, you must think twice before applying it. The answer depends on some factors below:

  • Streamer options: TTS can help you engage with your audience and make your stream more interactive, but remember to consider whether you prefer to use TTS. In particular, if you find TTS distracting or disruptive, it may not be the best fit.
  • Audience preferences: Some viewers may like its extra interactivity and personalization. Meanwhile, others may find it annoying or distracting.
  • Content streaming: TTS may be better suited for streams focused on community engagement and interaction. On the other hand, streams that are more focused on gameplay or commentary may not benefit much from TTS.
  • Accessibility considerations: If accessibility is vital, TTS can be a great way to make your stream more inclusive.
  • Consider technical: Finally, it is essential to consider the technical aspects of using TTS for your stream. Specifically, ensure your streaming software and TTS system are compatible. Also, you may need to spend time customizing TTS settings to match the tone and style of your stream.


Above is our answer to the question: What is TTS for streamers? In short, the TTS tool can be valuable for live streamers looking to engage with their audience and make a more dynamic experience.

Yet, whether TTS is a good solution for your stream depends on the mentioned factors. And you can make an informed decision by weighing those factors. 

Thank you for reading!

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