Is Natural Reader Free? The Ultimate Answer Is Here!

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Natural Reader is among the popular text-to-speech tools allowing you to listen to written text instead of reading it. 

With Natural Reader, users can convert any written text into spoken words. So, many people wonder: Is Natural Reader free?

This article will discuss this question and give you the ultimate answer. Let’s scroll down to discover more!

Is Natural Reader Free? 

The answer is Yes! Natural Reader offers a free version besides the paid one with basic features. 

Let’s compare and contrast these options. From that, you can determine which suits you best!

Free Version

Natural Reader indeed offers a free version. It is perfect for those seeking basic text-to-speech conversion features

The free version allows users to convert text to speech, change the speed and tone of the voice, and convert text to MP3 files. 

However, the free version has certain limitations. For instance, users can only convert up to 200 words per document.

Furthermore, the tool only supports specific languages and formats. It is an issue for some users.

That said, it is ideal for anyone who does not want to spend money on a premium software version. 

Additionally, the free version has advertisements. It may be annoying for some users, but it’s a small price for a great tool to convert text to speech.

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Paid Version

Natural Reader provides a paid version of its software, which contains many advanced features unavailable in the free version. 

It includes a range of additional benefits to enhance the user’s experience. For instance, the paid version enables the user to process an unlimited word count per document, thereby removing the restriction of the free version. 

The paid version supports various languages and formats, making it a versatile platform for users who may require reading assistance in different contexts.

The paid version can convert multiple documents simultaneously, saving time and effort for users who need to process large volumes of text. 

This feature can benefit students, researchers, and professionals who must read and analyze multiple documents regularly. 

Additionally, the paid version removes all advertisements, making the user’s experience much more enjoyable and streamlined.

Another great feature of the paid version is OCR (Optical Character Recognition). It allows the software to read text from images and scanned documents. 

This feature can be handy for individuals who need to access text from images or scanned documents.

You can purchase the paid version of Natural Reader for a one-time fee or a yearly subscription. It gives users flexibility and choice in how they wish to use the software. 

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Which One Should You Choose?

The choice between the free and paid versions of Natural Reader depends on your needs. 

The free version might be sufficient if you only use the software occasionally and do not require OCR technology. 

However, the paid version is better if you need to use the software regularly and require advanced features.

Brand, Is Natural Reader Free

The tool has a free version.

How Can I Get A Free Natural Reader? 

While Natural Reader is typically paid, there are ways to obtain a free version. Consider the following ways:

Using the Free Web Version

One way to access this tool for free is by using the software’s web version. 

It allows users to paste in text or upload a document and have it read aloud without downloading any software. 

However, the web version has a downside. It doesn’t offer all of the paid version’s features. For instance, you can’t convert text to MP3 files or adjust the reading speed. If you follow this method, refer to the video below for a detailed guide:

Using the Trial Version

The tool offers a 7-day free trial. It lets users download the full software version and use all its features for a week. 

Visit the Natural Reader website and click the “Free Trial” button to access the trial version. 

Remember that after the 7-day trial period goes up, the software will revert to the free version unless you purchase the full version.

Brand, Is Natural Reader Free

Ways to use the tool free

How To Use The Natural Reader?

Natural Reader offers a free version that allows users to convert up to 20 minutes of text into speech. Here are the steps to use this tool for free.

Step 1: Download and Install Natural Reader

Download the software. You can download it from the Natural Reader website. After that, follow the instructions to install it.

Step 2: Open Natural Reader

After installing this tool, open the software. The website will direct you to the main screen.

Step 3: Paste the Text

Copy the text you want to convert into speech. Next, paste it into the text box.

Step 4: Choose the Voice

The website offers a range of voices to choose from. Click on “Voice” to select your desired option.

Step 5: Convert Text to Speech

Click on “Play” to convert the text into voice. You can adjust the voice’s speed and volume using the slider.

Step 6: Save the Audio File

Choose the format you desire. Click “Export Audio” to save the audio file.

Step 6: Save the Audio File

How to use the tool

Can You Use Natural Reader Offline? 

The answer is yes! You can use Natural Reader offline. The tool has both online and offline versions.

You can download the offline version from the Natural Reader website and use it without an internet connection. 

There are several benefits of using this tool offline. It means you can access your content anywhere. 

Moreover, the offline version doesn’t rely on an internet connection. Thus, it is more rapid and reliable than the online version.

Besides, this version offers more features and customization options than the online one.

While using the tool offline has many benefits, it also has some limitations. For example, downloading and installing the software on your device is compulsory. It may take up valuable storage space. 

Additionally, you may need to buy the offline version. It can be costly for some users. Furthermore, the offline version may not have the latest updates and features available in the online one.

Can You Use Natural Reader Offline

Offline mode

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Natural Reader has a free version with basic features. 

However, it has limitations, including the number of words converted simultaneously and the number of voices available. 

The paid version offers more advanced features, including converting entire documents and saving files in audio formats. 

Whether you use the free or paid version, Natural Reader remains an essential tool for those who prefer to listen to written text instead of reading it.

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