Why Do People Use TTS On TikTok? Is it Good For Content Creators?

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Why Do People Use TTS On TikTok? Is it Good For Content Creators?

In the vibrant world of TikTok, content creators are constantly looking for new ways to engage their audience. An emerging trend that has gained significant traction is the use of TTS technology.

Why do people use TTS on TikTok? And is it beneficial for content creators? In this article, we’ll explore this question, and you’ll understand better whether it is for your video. Scroll down to see more!

What Is TTS On Tiktok? 

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What Is TTS On Tiktok?

TTS on TikTok is a remarkable feature that uses an AI algorithm to convert written text into mechanical speech. 

With this feature, users can easily convert any text overlay on their video into a distinct Siri-like robotic voice. TTS’s versatility on TikTok helps it serve various goals, providing creators and viewers alike. 

In the next section, we’ll dig deeper into these advantages and explore how TTS enhances accessibility, enables creativity, and contributes to the overall user experience on TikTok.

Why Do People Use TTS On TikTok?

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Why Do People Use TTS On TikTok?

People use TTS on TikTok to provide a narrative for storytelling and instruction, increase reach, and capture attention. 

Besides, it allows everyone to explore the new entertainment from playing with the AI and testing how accurately TTS can pronounce words.

Read on for more details!


When telling a story through video or creating instructional content, dubbing can enhance the audience experience. The TTS feature on TikTok allows creators to convert text to speech, providing additional narration to the image. (read more about dubbing vs voiceover)

Also, this feature is helpful when you want to add context, explanation, or extra information to your video. It ensures that the audience can follow and understand the content more effectively.

In short, it eliminates the need for external voice recording or relying solely on subtitles. Thus, it becomes a convenient and effective solution for creators who want to incorporate narration into their videos.

New Style

Text to Speech,

New Style

Users of this app have already started playing with the AI by testing words and phrases to see how accurately TTS can speak them. 

This trend has created a novel entertainment style. Users push the boundaries of TTS possibilities, explore its limitations, and find excitement in the results.

Besides, it adds an element of playfulness and experimentation to the video as creators incorporate TTS in unexpected ways.

It highlights the versatility and adaptability of TTS voices on TikTok, transforming them from mere narrative tools into an integral part of the content creation process.


The TTS feature on TikTok has revolutionized how the content is consumed on the platform. 

With the introduction of TTS voice streaming, creators can serve a wider audience. Thus, they can make their content more convenient and enjoyable for everyone.

One indisputable advantage of this TTS technology is that it allows people who are blind or hard to read to interact with TikTok videos. 

Accordingly, this feature ensures the content is accessible to those who cannot read the subtitles or understand the video without audio.


It’s becoming increasingly difficult to capture and maintain viewers’ attention while users watch over a million videos daily. 

In this context, TikTok’s TTS feature provides creators with another powerful tool to make their videos unique and engaging.

With TTS, creators can add compelling audio to their videos, making them more engaging and attention-grabbing. 

Also, the dynamic and expressive nature of TTS voices can enhance storytelling, bringing out highlights or emphasizing key points. Hence, it can effectively capture the viewer’s attention throughout the video.

This feature allows creators to go beyond images and captions, adding a new dimension to their content to set them apart from the vast sea of TikTok videos.

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How To Use TTS On TikTok?

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How To Use TTS On TikTok?

Using the TTS feature on this platform is easier than you think! Follow these steps to use this feature:

1. Update your app to enable this feature.

2. Start creating a video with the content you want to add text.

3. Click on the text icon (at the bottom of the screen) >>> Type the text you want to read aloud >>> Click “Done.”

4. Click on the text box >>> Select “Text-to-speech.” Then, TikTok’s built-in TTS AI will read your text over the generated video.

After doing the above steps, you can use other video editors to edit your video’s voiceover. But if you want to do so, ensure saving your video to your device instead of posting it publicly.

With these steps, you can incorporate TTS into your TikTok videos and create unique and engaging content with personalized narration.

How to Fix TikTok TTS Not Working?

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How to Fix TikTok TTS Not Working?

There will be times when you have followed all the steps, but this feature still won’t work. Then, try the methods below to fix this error if you get it:

  • Restart the application: Close the application and relaunch it. Sometimes a simple reboot can resolve minor glitches that might have affected text-to-speech functionality.
  • Restart the device: We recommend shutting down and restarting your phone if you have restarted the application, but it doesn’t work. This tip can help refresh the system and resolve any temporary issues.
  • Check for updates: Make sure your TikTok app is up to date. To do this, visit your app marketplace and check for any updates for TikTok. In this case, updating to the latest version may fix any errors or problems.
  • Update your operating system: If your OS is outdated, it may cause compatibility issues with TikTok’s text-to-speech feature. Thus, check your device’s system settings and install any available updates for your operating system.
  • Reinstall the app: If all else fails, uninstall the current TikTok app from your device and install it. Yet, note that this process will lose any unsaved draft files, so be sure to save them before proceeding.


Why do people use TTS on TikTok? The reason is that it is helpful to provide accessibility, enhance creativity, and provide another means of expression. 

As content creators explore the options of TTS, they can engage a wider audience, injecting humor or drama into their videos. At the same time, they can convey their message uniquely.

Thank you for reading!

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