How Is Sennarong Chea Making $881/month Using MicMonster?

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Our support normally gets questions about youtube monetization. Will youtube monetize my channel if I use Micmonster for voiceover?

Sennarong Chea is our customer from Cambodia who is making $881/month from youtube. All of his video’s voiceovers are done by MicMonster.

Sennarong Chea is Youtuber who publishes videos on movie reviews. His channel name is 2 Mss. Recaps have 25.2k subscribers while writing this blog post.

His most popular video is a review of the wolf and lion movie that has generated the most 2.9 Million views.

In case you didn’t notice this voiceover is Sara from English (USA).

One day while exploring our Facebook community I found his video. Then I contact him and found out he is making $800+ from youtube.

Case Study,

Sennarong first generates a voiceover using MicMonster then he some movie clips. After that, he aligns movie footage with voiceover using a video editor.

This type of video come under the fair use policy. In simple words, as long as you are adding your own value to content and just using it as it is then your channel won’t get a copyright strike.

While exploring his channel I found people think it is a real voiceover.

Case Study,

As we say No One believed this was AI generated Voiceover.

This is not the only channel using MicMonster and got monetized by Youtube. We have plenty of users who publish videos on youtube.

Not just Youtube, our users are also making commercial ads & selling voiceovers to clients.

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    • Thank you for your question. MicMonster offers a diverse range of 600+ voices. Not only does this provide an impressive variety for your voiceover needs, but we also offer a commercial license for all these voices. This means that you can use these voices for any project you’d like, including those that are commercial in nature. It’s part of our commitment to ensuring our users have the flexibility and resources they need for any project. Please feel free to ask if you have any other questions!


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