Speechelo Review Part 2: Speechelo vs Speechelo Pro (Updated)

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Speechelo is one of the trending voiceover software. One of the reasons behind it is its affiliates. If you are looking for a speechelo review and comparison of speechelo standards and pro then you are on the right page.

Here I will cover all important features, pros and cons, Pricing, and lifetime deal of Speechelo pro.

By the way, MicMonster is also natural-sounding text-to-speech software, which you can try for Free. I will cover more about it later on in this article

If any questions remain in your mind after reading this article then let me know by the comment section. I will happy to answer them.

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To use Speechelo pro, you need to first buy the Speechelo Standard version, and then later on you can get it upgraded to Speechelo Pro.

Speechelo (Standard)Speechelo (Pro)
One Time Payment – $327$47/Quarterly or $127/lifetime
60 days money-back guarantee60 days money-back guarantee

Keep in mind that you can’t directly purchase pro without Speechelo standard deal. If you try to do so then you will not receive login details.

To get speechelo Pro at a one-time price all you have to do is click on No thanks, I don’t want to 10x my profits. Then It will show you a one-time offer as shown in the screenshot.

Speechelo Pro one time deal

Again keep in mind, that you need to purchase Speechelo standard deal before purchasing the Speechelo pro. Once you miss this deal, you can’t upgrade at a one-time price later on. Later on, you have to upgrade to a quarterly payment plan only.

Here is MicMonster Price, unlike Speechelo we don’t offer upsells. We have a free trial along with a Pro plan. You can either purchase One time or go with a low quarterly deal.

Features Comparison

In this section, I will compare standard and Pro features in other words this section will help you decide whether you should upgrade or not.


In the standard version, you are getting only 30 voices for all languages. However, if you upgrade to the pro you will get 171 voices. Keep in mind that Speechelo supports 23 languages so these voices are for all the languages.

For example, in the English USA, you are getting only 4 voices (Standard) however if you upgrade to pro you will get 12 voices.

Here are the voice samples.



Keep in mind that you are getting all standard voices in the pro version. You are getting one voice for English (British) and English (welsh) in the standard version. You are not getting any voice for the following languages

  1. English (Ireland)
  2. English (Canada)
  3. English (India)
  4. English (Australia)

You are getting only one voice for the following languages in the standard version.

  1. Arabic

  2. German

  3. French

  4. Portuguese

You are getting many voices for almost all languages in the pro version. If you want to listen to other languages’ voices visit https://speechelo.com/cb-pro1/ for pro voices. Do not purchase from this page, because doing so will not provide you login credentials. You need to purchase the standard version.

MicMonster: If you listened to the above voice samples then compare them with MicMonster samples. If you like speechelo voices then you will be amazed by voice samples by MicMonster samples. The advantage of choosing MicMonster over Speechelo is Voice Styles.

Voice Samples of MicMonster:

Voice Tune & Other Features

Speechelo has two engines for its voice, Standard and AI. Some voices come with only standard and some voices come with an AI engine only.

You want to go with AI engine voices because standard voices sound absolutely robotic. Listen to these voice samples.



If you listened to the standard samples then you agree that it sounds absolutely robotic.

You are getting a few voice options such as Adjust speech where you can control volume, speed, and pitch for a specific portion of the script. You can also add breathing or emphasize a specific word. However, these options are useless because you can only apply these to the standard voices, not to AI voices.

Certain AI Voices has 3 tunes (Normal, friendly, and serious). These are only available for certain voices of English USA.

MicMonster: Inside the MicMonster you are getting voice styles for English (USA), French, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified) languages. For the English USA, you are getting voice styles General, angry, cheerful, Excited, Friendly, hopeful, sad, shouting, Terrified, Unfriendly, and Whispering. Here are a few voice samples.

You can switch between styles with one click as you can see in the cropped screenshot.

Voice styles Inside MicMonster

Using our advanced editor you can use all styles in the one script.

Voice Length

Inside the standard version, you can transform 5000 characters into voiceover at once. However, if you upgrade to pro then you can transform 20000 characters into voiceover at once. You are getting a merge feature to combine multiple audio files for larger content.

The frustrating thing is Speechelo team doesn’t recommend you to render more than 1000 characters at once. When you try to do that you will see this popup.

Speechelo warning over 1000 characters

According to their team, it can miss some text while doing it.

Unlike the speechelo tool, we deliver what we promise. In the free version, you have a limit of 1000 characters per voiceover. However, in the pro version, you have to render up to 120000 characters at once. There is merge feature available as well.

Monthly Characters Limit

There is a limitation of how many characters you can render per month. If you are using the standard version then you can render 500k characters per month. However, if you upgrade to the pro then you can render 700k characters per month.

I think most users will not have any problem with this limit. Chances are high that it is going enough for your usage until you are transforming your books into characters.

You are also getting 1 Million monthly characters inside the MicMonster as well. We have a limit of 50k characters for free users.


According to the speechelo team, you are getting 30 languages in both versions. However, with time the team has upgraded the number of voices to 35 but forgot the update on the landing page. It doesn’t matter which version you pick you are getting the same number of languages.

Languages such as Arabic, Chinese, English, and Portuguese come with multiple accents you are getting only 1 voice from one accent. All other accents will be only available to the pro members.

MicMonster: In the MicMonster you are getting 140 unique languages. However, if you count every accent in a language (e.x. English (USA), and English (UK) are two different languages) like speechelo then you are getting 129 languages. You are variety of accents for Arabic, English, Spanish, French, German, Urdu, and Tamil languages. You can check the full list here.

Campaign Support

Think campaign as a folder in which you will keep and generate your voiceover files. Multiple campaigns mean better organization.

Inside the standard version, you are getting only one campaign. However, inside the pro version, you can create multiple campaigns. You can switch and create a campaign from the top as shown in the screenshot.

Speechelo campaign

MicMonster: Just like speechelo you can multiple campaigns inside MicMonster too. We call projects here at MicMonster. Free users can create only one project however pro users can create unlimited projects as you can see in the screenshot.

MicMonster Projects

Background Music

Inside the pro version, you are getting 40 royalty-free Music tracks. That you can download and attach to the voiceover using any video or audio editor. Here are a few samples of music.

Just like speechelo you are getting 80 Music tracks inside the MicMonster.

Commercial license

If you want to use voiceover for commercial purposes such as promoting your own product, selling, etc then you have to upgrade on speechelo pro. You are getting a personal license on the standard version.

MicMonster had just one Paid plan and you are getting a commercial license inside the pro plan.

What Other Peoples are Saying About MicMonster vs Speechelo

Here is the feedback that we have received from other people who have both the tools MicMonster and Speechelo.

MicMonster customer testimonial
MicMonster customer testimonial
MicMonster customer testimonial
MicMonster customer testimonial
MicMonster customer testimonial
We have implemented all the changes suggested by James


To sum it up, These were the differences between Speechelo Standard and Speechelo Pro. As you can see from the information given above, Speechelo Pro has more features than Speechelo Standard. And you to upgrade on the pro if you want to get most out to speechelo.

However, on the other side, MicMonster is not only affordable but better as well. If any questions remained unanswered then let me know in the comment section

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  1. Thanks for the review, can you tell me if I can create voice overs & send them as an email in a link or an attachment ?
    Thanks in advance

    • MicMonster does offer voice styles for Chinese Mandarin. MicMonster provides voice styles for various languages, including English (USA), French, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified).

      For Chinese Mandarin, you can select from different voice styles to customize the tone and style of the generated voiceover. This allows you to create voiceovers that suit your specific needs and preferences. Please note that the page content does not specify the exact voice styles available for Chinese Mandarin, so it would be best to visit the official MicMonster website or contact their support for more detailed information on the voice styles for Chinese Mandarin.


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