Best Doodly Text To Speech In 2023

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The doodly animated whiteboard software has been a favorite among marketers for years. Recently, Clickfunnel acquired this popular product along with other products from Bryxen such as toonly and talkia.

Doodly’s lack of built-in text speech software is a shame because it can be such an integral part of creating your animated doodles. Luckily, there are some great third-party programs that will let you easily turn any word into human sounding voiceover.

Here in this blog post, I will share the most natural-sounding text to speech with you. I will also share how to add voiceover to doodly.

The doodly team launched talkia software for automatic text to speech, but it’s not good enough. And it is not available at a one-time cost like doodly.

If you want to create an engaging and captivating experience, then MicMonster is the perfect solution. It has one of the best text-to-speech software that will allow your message or story be heard by everyone!

And if you want to subscribe to paid plans then it is available at a one-time price instead of a recurring price like talkia. MicMonster has better voice quality than talkia. Listen to the samples here and decide for yourself!



MicMonster features that you are not getting In Talkia

  1. Longer voiceover up to 120000 Characters per Clip
  2. Voice Styles For Various voices in English USA, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and French Language
  3. Advanced Editor: Use multiple voiceovers inside the single script, Advance emphasis and pronunciation support
  4. 500+ voices

How to Add Voiceover In Doodly

Alright, now that you have chosen your AI voiceover tool and generated some voiceovers now it is time to add voiceover inside doodly.

If you prefer watching videos over reading then here is the video for you from the doodly official youtube channel.

Slow internet? No problem read the following steps. You can record voiceover inside doodly by clicking on the Microphone from the timeline. However, in our case, we can’t use this option since we are using text to speech for Voiceover.

Make sure your voiceover should be in mp3 format because doodly only accepts mp3 audio file format. YES, the Micmonster voiceover is in the mp3 format.

  1. Go to the music tab by clicking on the 🎵 icon. It will open background music tracks for you.
  2. Here click on the + button in the bottom left.
  3. It will prompt a window where you can drag and drop your audio file or click on Browse Files to open the file explorer.
  4. Select your file and click on open.
  5. It will add a voiceover file in the audio section. Now you can drag and drop in the timeline to add your videos.

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