How to make money with MicMonster

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Making money with MicMonster!? Yes, you heard that right! You can, for real, make money using the Text To Speech software MicMonster.

Now, MicMonster is text-to-speech software that allows you to convert your text into human-like sound audio, and a complete beginner can use it like a pro. Isn’t that great!? Now you must be thinking how exactly is that possible, right? 

All you have to do is put your text in the text box and choose your desired language and voices and generate audio that sounds exactly like a human voice. You can even add pauses in between your text to make it sound more natural. 

In MicMonster, you can use several emotions like a cheerful voice or a sad voice and much more for a few languages. Before starting, let’s first discuss a few features of MicMonster:

  • Kbps – 160 kbps Bitrate
  • Commercial License – Unlike other software, MicMonster does not charge you extra for a Commercial License. It is included in the OTO.
  • Languages – MicMonster has around 48 languages. For Example – Arabic (Arabic, Arabic(egypt), Arabic (Saudi arabia), Bngali (india), Bulgarian (bulgaria), Catalan (spain), Chinese (China, Hong kong, Simplified PRC,  taiwan), Croatian(croatia), Czech, Danish, Dutch(BEL, NL), English(AU, CN, IN, IR, PH, UK, US), Estonian (estonia), Filipino, Finnish (Finland), French (BE, CN, FR, SW), German (AUT, GE, SW), Greek (Greece), Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, irish Gaelic, Italian, Japanese Kannada, Korean (south korea), Latvian (latvia), Lithuanian (Lithuania), Malay, Malayalam, Maltese (Malta), Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese(BR, PT), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish (Mexico, Spain), Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, ukrainian, Urdu (Pakistan), Vietnamese, Welsh.
  • Total Number of Voices – There are more than 300 voices. These are available both in male and female voices. MicMonster provides you with a bundle of options to choose from.
  • Voice Tones – There are about 8 voice tones you can use. Such as: General, cheerful, chat, empathetic, Narration-professional, Newscast-formal, Newscast-casual, customer service etc.
  • Voice emotion control – Voice emotions can be controlled in MicMonster for a few languages like Chinese,  English (US), and Portuguese. You can change your voice, emotion, be bright, Empathetic, talk, and so on.
  • Simple to utilize – Has a straightforward and simple interface that can be used by beginners also.
  • Characters limit per voiceover – 12000

Now, these are a few of the many features MicMonster offers. Let’s get back to the topic and see the different methods by which you can easily earn money with MicMonster Text To Speech Software.

Let’s check out a few of MicMonster’s voice samples:

Voice Samples of MicMonster

MicMonster offers about 8 voice tones for languages like Chinese, English (US) and Portuguese. There are about a total of 300 voices in MicMonster. Here are a few samples:

1. English (US) – Floki

2. English (US) – Torvi

3. Chinese (Taiwan) – Yenay

4. Dutch (Belgium)

5. French (Canada)

Methods by which you can make money with MicMonster

Method #1 By Using Youtube

There are many doubts and questions about whether a user’s YouTube channel can be monetized using Text To Speech software. This question has arisen because, in the past, many people have suffered from consequences after using Text-To-Speech software for their YouTube videos.

This is only because of the copied content they have used, so make sure to use original content for your YouTube channel and no issue will arise, as using copied content leads to violating the Terms of Service of YouTube. 

According to YouTube’s Copyright Policy, if you copy another creator’s content and if your channel is caught doing that, you will directly get demonetized for violating YouTube’s Terms of service. 

But to assure you, MicMonster is fully compatible with YouTube Monetization Rules! If you need more information On YouTube Monetization Rules, you can read our other article.

There are times when you are not confident enough in using your voice for creating videos on YouTube. These are the times when text-to-speech software like MicMonster comes handy. MicMonster can help you make the best channels or teach a language and also help with word meanings. 

As few people find it difficult to read or focus. Using MicMonster, which presents the words auditorily, more attention can be paid to the meaning of the word rather than wasting time trying to sound out the words. This also develops your listening skills.

You can even make videos explaining simple terms or make attractive tutorials, or even sell products of online websites by putting their link in your video’s description. By doing this, if your viewer’s click on your provided link, you will make money for their every visit to the website. 

MicMonster text-to-speech software can be handy for any individual who’s visually disabled or has a condition like dyslexia that makes reading tricky. It can also help beat language barriers for individuals who read a language however don’t know how to speak it or are currently learning. 

Example 1 

You can utilize MicMonster text to speech software for creating simple videos containing word meanings. I know you have already come across such videos on YouTube.

So instead of using your voice, MicMonster voices can be used for such videos.

Example 2

Or, using the first example, you can make your own channel of explaining simple terms or word meanings. MicMonster can help you load while creating such videos with its human-like voices. You can narrate using them and make attractive videos.

Method #2 Sell Voiceovers

Now, this method is my favourite because of its 100% assurity of profit! When you buy the MicMonster Pro version, you have spent a lot of money for a minimal amount of usage of MicMonster. 

What’re you going to do now!? You can make money out of it! After investing once in MicMonster text to speech software, you can sell your Voiceovers to freelance companies.

You can sell your voiceover on Freelance companies like Fiverr. You can offer it as a Text to speech voiceover. By doing this, you are making a lot of profit with MicMonster, by selling voiceovers generated by MicMonster using the best Pro Voices again and again! 

This is done by many people on Fiverr, as many people do the same thing to earn money, but most of these people use their voices and significantly less of them use text to speech voices! So you can seriously be in demand and make a lot of profit. Not only Fiverr but various companies offer the same platform. 


To sum it up, Here we have mentioned a few ways by which you can utilize MicMonster to earn money. Choose wisely which method you are going to choose, or you can choose both!

So, are you ready to earn money with this one-time investment in MicMonster Software!?

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  1. I’m just finding out about Mic Monster and it seems like an amazing alternative to Speechelo which I have.

    My question is do I need to have the commercial version (Mic Monster Pro) to make money with Mic Monster or can I just use the standard version?

    Also what does it mean when it says the Standard license can only be used on ONE project? I think that one bullet point jumped out at me as a hindrance.


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