Speechify Review and Price: Does it Worth It?

Welcome to our review of Speechify which is a text-to-speech software and also a Text to Audiobook educational software that reads aloud text that has been submitted. 

They have an appreciation for iOS and Android and also an extension for Chrome. Users may convert a book, article, image, agreement, or worksheet to audio by taking a snapshot of it. 

Users can change the reader’s voice and the number of words read per minute. It can also translate papers from one language to another. 

While it is only as instructive as the information that is submitted, it is especially helpful for children with dyslexia or other text-based learning problems. 

Parents should monitor and examine all uploaded content to ensure that it contains appropriate information for a child’s age and ability level.

About Us

Hi we welcome you at micmonster. Miconster is AI Voiceover that will convert any text into human sounding voice. Although micmonster and speechify both can used to convert text into speech but still both are very different from each other. 

Features of Speechify

1. Listen to any text, Anywhere:

Input internet articles, PDFs, clipboard-copied text, or even pictures of actual book pages, and Speechify will read them to you in the finest quality digital voices possible.

2. Personalize your listening experience:

Listen to your material with one of Speechify’s HD voices or one of the 50+ languages supported, and select the ideal reading pace for you. Use Speechify’s interactive reading interface to read along, or just relax and listen!

3. Save time, retain more, get more done:

When compared to the typical sight-reading pace of 200 words per minute, Speechify users soon learn to listen at 400 words per minute or quicker, thereby doubling their reading speed. The reading screen on Speechify underlines each word as it reads, and academic research shows that hearing and reading at the same time improves comprehension substantially.

4. Perfect for users with reading disabilities:

Speechify was originally developed as a solution for the founder’s dyslexia, but it now helps tens of thousands of people with dyslexia, ADHD, low visual acuity, anxiety, concussions, and other reading difficulties glide through their readings and connect with their curiosity.

5. Sync your library across devices:

At speechify.com, you can download Speechify for iPhone, iPad, and Google Chrome, and your audiobook library will sync across all of your devices.

6. Premium:

With Speechify Premium, you may have access to Speechify’s HD natural reading voices on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Speechify’s cutting-edge HD voices employ realistic human inflection to keep you interested with your readings even longer.

Pricing of Speechify

You can’t find the price of Speechify without installing a chrome extension or mobile app. They didn’t mention the price on the website.

Once you install they will provide you 3 days free trial, no need for a credit card. After 3 days free trial you can subscribe to their yearly plan.

It will cost you $139/year. At the moment, speechify doesn’t have a lifetime deal or monthly subscription.

However, speechify prices keep varying. Here is the price of speechify inside India on the iPhone. (6300 INR in USD is $84)

Speechify price

Here is the price of speechify on android (India). 12,300 inr is equal to $165. On some devices, it shows a price $139.

Speechify price

Once you are subscribed then you can find you can use the same account on chrome, android, iPhone together.

Pros of Speechify:

Image to Text: Inside the speechify you are getting an image OCR reader. So basically you can take pictures with your phone it will convert the image into text and then you can read it. I have tried reading books. It works perfectly fine with books however not good for handwriting.

Up to 900 Words Speed: With speechify you adjust to the speaking speed up to 900 words per minute. No one understands this speed however the point that I’m trying to make you can adjust according to your speed.

Import text from the web: You can open google inside the app and visit any website you want and then read the content or paste the link. It will retrieve text from a web page and read it for you.

Import document & pdf: You can also directly document & pdf files directly instead of copy-pasting the text.

Works in 29 languages: Speechify works in 29 languages (English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Icelandic, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh, Hebrew, Hindi, Chinese, Arabic, Czech, Finish, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Slovak and Thai). The voices keep changing from language to language.

Cons of Speechify:

  • On-Going subscription Still not unlimited: Speechify is on going subscription but still it is not limited. You are getting 1.5 million words every year. If you are going to read audiobooks then it is a lot less for the whole year. Micmonster that is available at one-time deal can let you convert 84,00,000 characters into speeech in one year.
  • Robotic voices: You are getting natural and normal voices. Although HD voices sound better than Non-HD voices still they sound pretty robotic. When you are listening for hours, you will not like the voice. HD voices are limited to 1.5 million characters every year however non HD voices are unlimited.
  • Limited Voices: You are not getting any HD voice for Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Slovak and Tha language. For english, spanish, french, portuguese you are getting more than 4 voices. Other languages have only 1-2 HD voices.

Micmonster vs Speechify

Although both platforms convert text to speech still both are serving very different audiences.

Micmonster supports 48 languages and has more than 300+ voices. Speechify has a 1.5 million character limit per year. Micmonster has 700K characters per month. That means you can get 1.5 million characters in just months.

In the end, it depends upon what you are looking for.

Speechify is best if:

  1. You want to convert your documents into speech
  2. You Want to convert image into speech
  3. You Want Native app for phone and Extension for phone.

Micmonster on other hand is targeting anyone who needs a realistic voice for their videos, audiobooks, podcast etc.

Micmonster is best if:

  1. You are looking for realisitc voices
  2. Want to change emotion of voice
  3. Want to convert lengthy documents into voice
  4. Looking for one-time subscription instead of yearly billing

Voice Samples of MicMonster:

Micmonster tool can work for mobile phone however you are not getting any native app, you have to log in on the website.

Advance editor

MicMonster’s advance editor lets take the text to speech it to the next level. The advance editor let you

Multiple Voices In Single Script

Want to Create dialogue audio, no worries inside advance editor you can assign a specific portion of the script to any voice.

Pronunciation Support

AI technology Sometimes mispronounces invented words. With Pronunciation, you can control how to speak specific Words.

We could not find words that Micmosnter miss pronounced.  But we are still looking 

Control Speed, Pitch, volume for specific sentences

Using the advance editor you can control pitch, volume & speed for a specific portion of the script.


Stress on words that are important to the context. You can draw graph to customize how much stress you want to put on words.

With all these features, you can produce Voiceovers like the following:


MicMonster Standard $37

  • 48 Languages
  • 200+ Voices
  • 3000 Characters Per Voiceover
  • One Project
  • Personal license

MicMonster Pro $97

Optional upgrade

  • 48 languages
  • 300+ voices
  • 12000 characters per voiceover
  • Unlimited Campaign
  • Background music
  • Commercial license
  • Advance Editor (pronunciation, Word Emphasize )

Agency $297

Optional upgrade

  • Agency License
  • 10 Sub users Account

Final Words

I hope this review helped you make a decision whether you should go with speechify or not. No doubt speechify is a great app if you want to improve your reading speed or productivity.

However, if you are looking for text to realistic voice then definitely micmonster is a much better option.

Not only it is affordable but it also sounds realistic like humans. If you want to share your thoughts then you can share through the comment section. 

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  1. So why does the latest advertisement say that Speechify is free. Yet another internet con.

    Tank you for the reviews, very helpful.


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