Speechelo Affiliate Program: How Did I Make $3515 in Commissions

Are you also thinking of using your voice in return for some commissions? Do you want more information about the Speechelo affiliate program!? Then you are in for a treat! 

Here in this article, we are going to enlighten you about how you can earn money with Speechelo.

What is Speechelo?

We all know that Speechelo is text-to-speech software that helps you to convert your text into human-sounding voices. All you need to do is paste your text.

Then choose from the various variety of voices available in this software. After which, you will get your text-to-speech audio ready. You can further download it or use it as per your wish.

Now the reason people prefer Speechelo is because of its various features, like it can add pauses according to your text or it can even add breathing, changing the tone of the voice. This software also has the ability to change the speed and script according to your need.

Speechelo Affiliate Program?

Are you also wondering what an affiliate program is? Let me explain to you. This is a program where a merchant will pay you for helping them make an actual sale of their product.

Now this means that when an actual person will go and buy their product, visit or fill out a form from their website, only then you will be paid.

Talking specifically about the speechelo affiliate program, this is handled by Clickbank. This affiliate program gives a good commission to its product promoters. Now you might be thinking how their $ conversion is so high? It’s because of the upsells they have on their products. 

Speechelo front end $47/lifetime

23 languages

30 voices

5000 character limt per voiceover

Upsell 1)Speechelo Pro $47/Quarterly

70 voices

Campaign Support

20000 characters limit per voiceover

Background Music

Upsell 2) Scriptelo $37

This is an AI copywriting software.

Ways To Promote

There are numerous ways by which you can promote Speechelo for Affiliate programs:

1. Seo – Search Engine Optimization contains all sorts of solutions, aspects and technical elements. Now you might be wondering how SEO can help with promoting. The main aim of SEO is to gather site traffic attention and can easily promote a website by increasing its ranking in the search engines.

As you know how important Linking is for SEO, you can catch a lot of attention by exchanging links on your site. Other than that, you can also use your skills and write a blog promoting the Affiliate program.

You can write review about speechelo.

2. Google ads/Facebook ads – The next way for promotion is simply using social media marketing, and by this, we mean Facebook ads or Google ads. When we use both these social media platforms, we also encounter various such ads that catch our attention.

This time you’re going to use these platforms for the promotion. You just need to write high-performing and good ads with effective landing pages.

You can target “speechelo” keyword on google ads and for facebook ads try some interest such as Clickbank, blogging etc.

3. Youtube – The last and most important platform for the Speechelo affiliate program is YouTube. On YouTube, you can simply create a sales video discussing all the products you want to promote, or you can also make review videos on the same. But remember to use catchy titles to gather more attention.

Similar to SEO you can make review video, comparison video etc to promote speechelo.

How Did I Make $3500 In Commissions?

I personally used SEO, google ads, youtube, and Email marketing. To do email marketing you need your own list.

Basically, I write a review on one of my blog. For the voice samples, I have created a youtube video. So I also get some attraction on youtube.

Here is my proof of earning. I know it looks different than clickbank screenshots. Basically I open the all transaction report since clickbank only allows 4 months in reporting.

I will recommend beginners go with youtube or google ads. SEO is time consuming process.

Why I Made My Own Product?

One of the reasons for making my own product is because of high refund rates and also, because of higher price and low conversions, when a visitor completes the needed action, that is called a conversion.

Speechelo also claim so many things that aren’t they are provding. For example do you know there is limit of voiceovers that you can generate.

You can only generate up to 500000 characters in front end and 700000 characters in the pro plan.

Speechelo features such as breath, emphaziz words are only available for standard voice that doesn’t sound cool, so bascailly these features aren’t useful.

They don’t recommend using 5000 characters at once even if you upgrade to the pro plan. The tutor said they generate sentence by sentence then merge them.

If you try large number of text then AI may miss some text.

The voices aren’t as good as they claim.

That’s why I created my own product.

Why Promote Micmonster?

Well, that simple MicMonster should be promoted because of its features.

Not only it sound better than speechelo and you will also get a high conversion rate. We are increasing the price by updating the tool. Here are the voice samples.




Methods To Promote Micmonster

You can promote MicMonster by:

  • Make a review video: Review works great. Tell them features provide bonuses to enhance your conversion rate.
  • Create comparison Video: If you can create speechelo vs micmonster or comparison with any other product it can also drive sales.
  • Write review: Currently there isn’t a lot of compeition so you if you write in-depth review then you can get sales.

For god’s sake don’t only create one review & blog post. Make multiple you never know which one is going to give you views & sales.

There are many more methods to promote. You can create a youtube video and just tell users I use micmonster for voiceover.

Final Words

I hope you are satisfied with the information we provided in this article about the Speechelo affiliate program and about how I Made $3515 in Commissions!! What are you going to do next? Press on the option above to sign up for MicMonster’sMicMonster’s affiliation program. 

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