Voicemaker Alternatives That Are Available On One-Time Price

Are you searching for a reliable, versatile, and useful text-to-speech software like Voicemaker? Then I guess this article can help you with that.

Here I will share multiple voiceover maker alternatives that you can use. Most of them are available at one time fixed price, unlike voice maker that is a monthly ongoing subscription.

If you think I miss something then let me know by the comment section.

What is Voicemaker?

Voicemaker is a text-to-speech converting website that works online. They have various different features, although recently they are getting really bad reviews for not providing services according to the expensive pricing. 

Today I am going to discuss a few alternatives of Voicemaker and I will also mention their features, pricing and voice samples. Let’s not waste anymore time then…

1. MicMonster

This text-to-speech software is always on top of our every list because of its unique features. MicMonster is one of the best budget text-to-speech software. This is a cloud-based software. Which helps you in transforming your text into audio.

This Voicemaker alternative has over 48 languages and 300+voices. This software has the most realistic A.I. voices. Now let’s discuss more about this alternative of Voicemaker.


  1. Has 48 languages 
  2. 300+ Voices
  3. Has commercial Licence 
  4. 160 Kbps bit rate
  5. It is a mobile friendly software
  6. Control Voice Emotion
  7. Change Speech and Pitch
  8. Make Unlimited Voice Overs
  9. Can be used by both Android and iOS.


Micmonster standard $37

  • 48 languages
  • 3000 characterst at once
  • one campaign
  • 200 voices

Upsell 1) Micmonster pro $97/year

  • 12000 characters at once
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlock 100 More voices
  • Background music
  • Commercial license
  • Narration
  • Advance Editor
  • Emphasize Word

Upsell 2) Micmonster agency $197/year

  • Agency license
  • Add sub users

30 days money-back guarantee

Voice Samples:

2. NoteVibes

Here we have another alternative of Voicemaker. Notevibes wouldn’t be my first choice as it is nothing in comparison to MicMonster with lesser features. This text-to-speech software is famous for its high character limit that is 5000 characters for free.

You can utilize this software for broadcasting and reading. 

The bad things about this software is that it has Speed issues, robotic sounds and very expensive commercial options. Notevibes can also not read from pdf and docs.


  • 17 languages
  • 177 voices 
  • Add Background Music
  • Advanced editor
  • DJ voice creation


  • Free – (5,000 characters, 24 Premium Voices and 6 Languages).
  • Personal – $9 monthly (100.000 characters, 157 Premium Voices and 18 Languages).
  • Commercial – $90 (1.000.000 characters, 157 Premium Voices and 18 Languages).

Voice Samples:

3. Naturaltts

Here is yet another alternative of Voicemaker. Although Naturaltts is an affordable text-to-speech software it has a few drawbacks. Such as you won’t be able to change the pitch of the audio without using ssml tags. This software also does not support docs and pdf format. Other than that it consists of 21 languages and 61 voices. 


  • 21 languages
  • 61 voices
  • SSML tags editor
  • Compared to other software, cost is low.
  • Pronunciation, volume, and speech rate can be controlled 


  • Free – 5000 characters per month
  • Personal plan – $9.99 per month
  • Commercial plan – $79.99 per month

Voice Samples:

4. Voicepods

Voicepod is a user friendly text-to-speech software. Which combines an individual service .And this makes it easier for various businesses to use text-to-speech software easily. Their voices sound very natural and clear. 

The drawbacks of this Voicemaker alternative is that it consists of very few languages and voices. It has only 9 languages and 16 voices. It also limits free users to 5 conversations/month.


  • It consists of Expressive Content Editor 
  • You can insert breaks, emphasis, pitch, and volume enhancements etc.
  • Available in the form of Application programming interface or standalone.
  • Voices all sound realistic


  • Free plan – 5 conversations/month
  • Starter plan – $9 (20 conversations/month)
  • $20 to increase conversations to 100/month

Voice Samples:

Final Words

To sum it up, Here I have mentioned 4 Voicemaker Alternative. These text-to-speech softwares work exactly like voicemaker. 

The software that I would like to highly recommend among the above is MicMonster. With features like 48 languages, 300+voices and a high audio quality of 160 Kbps bit rate. This text-to-speech software has gained a lot of popularity and good reviews.

Their pricing is also very low for a lifetime offer; they are just costing you $37 with a 30 day money-back guarantee. What else do you need!?  

Now, it’s up to you whichever software you want to choose in replacement of Voicemaker, each of the given softwares will satisfy you equally. 

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