Typecast AI Alternative For Generating Realistic Voice

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Some people may be concerned by voice cloning. However, it has the potential to benefit both individuals and companies. AI speech generators offer a broader range of business uses than just personal pleasure. 

Branding, games, animated films, audiobooks, and voice assistants may are all benefit from AI-generated voices. Talking about one such software Typecast.ai.

Writers, journalists, YouTubers, and other creators that directly produce their own ideas and varied knowledge information can use Typecast.ai service to create audio files. 

Neosapience’s artificial intelligence vocal expression technology allows users to produce a variety of sounds in real time without the need for people to record them. 

But No software is perfect and focusing on the bad side of Typecast.ai.

Cons of typecast:

  • Has a monthly subscription instead of a One time offer.
  • Few voices sound robotic

Which is why we have listed a few alternatives of Typecast.ai below.

1. Micmonster

Micmonster is at the top of our list for two reasons: its quality and the price packages it provides to end customers.This is an AI-powered text-to-speech application that allows you to quickly record voice-overs from any text. 

You only have to create the script, and the software will read it for you. The tool is intended to make your life simpler when you are working on another project. 

While reviewing this software, we noted that Micmonster’s voice quality is really natural and authentic. It is an A.I. Human Sounding Voice Over Software that allows us to customise the voice style and emotions. Within 7 seconds or less, you can create a natural-sounding voice over. 

MicMonster software helps in converting text into audio. This is text-to-speech software that is cloud-based and will let you create voice-overs for your work. 

Based on our testing and research, I feel this is the greatest solution because it is the only software of its kind that gives a form to the speech.

Features of MicMonster:

  • Powerful AI Software That Transforms Any Text Into Clear Voiceovers In 48 Languages & Dialects In Both Male and Female Voices. (Yes. 48 Languages!)
  • The Cutting Edge In Text-To-Speech Technology That Allows You To Choose Voice Emotions (Available for English USA, Chinese & Portuguese Languages)… Say Goodbye To Bland & Robotic Voiceovers For Good.
  • Get Your Hands On The Mobile-Friendly Tool That Allows You To Use Any Device: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, etc. And… That Works With Any Video Creation Platform As Well.
  • No Tech Skills Needed: Micmonster Is A 100% Cloud Based Solution That Requires No Installation. Save Time And Skip The Headaches.
  • 200+ Voices – The addition of several languages and texts is the finest feature of MicMonster software.  MicMonster features male and female speakers. You may find a variety of voices for your next project. Before selecting a voice, you can also listen to an example.
  • They provide free support and are always willing to assist you if you have any questions in your mind. 
  • Add Pauses – Micmonster uses punctuation to add stops automatically. 
  • Cross-Platform – You may create a Voiceover from any device, including Android and Mac. Micmonster is a cloud-based setup (versatile responsive)
  • 3 Simple Clicks – MicMonster is so simple to use that even a kid can create a Voiceover. Choose your language and voice, then type or paste your text. Create and download.

Voice Samples of MicMonster:


2. Resemble.ai

Resemble is an AI voice generator that allows you to create your own AI voice using audio data that you already have. It has the ability to produce deep synthetic voices with human-like emotions.  

To clone your voice, you may record 50 words immediately on the online platform. You may also directly input raw audio data to this AI voice generator, which will produce AI voice for you. 

After signing up, you will have access to the free trial service. You may also pay for additional features such as custom or standard voices.


  • Expensive
  • Monthly Subscription instead of One time offer
  • Robotic Sounds


  • Free trial
  • Entry – $30/month
  • Professional – $449/ month

Voice Sample:

3. TTSReader

This free text to speech reader uses an online voice generator. With natural sounding voices, you may create synthetic spoken text, pdfs, and ebooks. 

Voice speed, languages, and speakers may all be customised. Simply type or drop text into the box before pressing the play button. 

This voice generator offers male and female voices in a variety of dialects and languages. Simply select your preferred voice, type in your text, then press play to hear the synthetic speech.


  • Interface is not user friendly
  • Robotic sounding voices


  • Free of cost

Voice Sample:

4. Natural Reader

Natural Reader Online is a speech generator that is both strong and simple to use. Natural Reader Online is a website that allows you to transform any written material into spoken speech. 

There are two sorts of free voices available. There are dozens of voices to pick from in the premium version. 

Because it allows you to add documents, this is a useful and effective online voice generator. In the page’s text field, you can input or paste content.


  • MP3 conversions are not included in the free plan.
  • The user is unable to save audio files in the.wav format.
  • The audio files cannot be used for commercial purposes by the user.
  • Expensive
  • Robotic Sound


  • Free plan
  • Personal plan: $99.50
  • Professional plan: $129.50
  • Ultimate plan: $199.50

Voice Samples:

Best Recommended

We would personally recommend MicMonster. Why are we recommending MicMonster? Well, MicMonster is a really useful software that always comes handy. 

There is a variety of text-to-speech software available on the market. The majority of them, though, do not sound realistic. But MicMonster specializes in this area. 

The program’s creators have commented on how human-like the software’s voices seem right from the start. I tested it out, and it got my attention. 


These were the 4 best Text-To-Speech Software that we have chosen for you that work way better than Typecast.ai. Choose Wisely!

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