Notevibes Alternatives For Text To Speech (Lifetime Deal)

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In this article, I will provide an alternative solution to Notevibes. Notevibes is one of the famous text-to-speech solutions used by many tech companies and individuals. If you are looking for more natural-sounding text-to-speech at affordable pricing then you are on the right page.

If you are paying customer of Notevibes I think it is time to switch to another text-to-speech tool because they are not only feature-rich but affordable as well.

I spend some time testing Notevibes. You can read the full review here. But here are the main pros and cons


  1. Better Editor
  2. Free Trial without credit card
  3. wav & mp3 format


  1. Very Expensive ($90 month for commercial purposes)
  2. No one time deal
  3. Robotic Voices
  4. Can’t change voice emotions

It is a lot more expensive than other text-to-speech software and offers a monthly fee instead of a One time offer. Now, these are the reasons why you’re looking for Notevibes Alternatives, right? Read on to discover 6 alternatives of Notevibes with their mentioned Pros, Cons, Pricing, and Voice Samples.

Notevibes Lifetime deal Review

Recently notevibes offer a lifetime deal for $69 on stacksocial and their partner sites. Here is what you are getting in this lifetime deal.

1. 1,200,000 characters
2. 177 voices
3. 18 languages
4. Audio files will be deleted after 14 days
5. Personal license 

One of the worst thing about this deal is you are getting persona licenese instead of commercial license. So this deal is simply not worth the money.

6 Best Alternatives of Notevibes:

1. MicMonster

Micmonster is the best AI Voiceover if you are looking for something that will sound like a human on a budget.

Here at MicMonster, our aim is to make voiceovers affordable for everyone. Over the period of time, we made so many changes in MicMonster, Check the difference between the first and latest version.


Currently, our team is working on narration and advanced editor.

Micmonster works in 48 languages including different accents of English & other popular languages. It also let you change voice style for English (USA) Portuguese and Chinese languages.

Pros over Notevibes

  • More Realisitc Voices
  • Support 48 languages
  • Control Voice Emotion
  • One time price
  • 160 Kbps bit rate
  • It is mobile-friendly software.
  • Control Voice Emotion
  • Preview avaliable
  • Project support

Voice Samples of MicMonster:


2. Natural Reader

NaturalReaders is text-to-speech programming that is not difficult to use. While its capacities are just like other Text-To-Speech software, NaturalReaders stands apart due to its flexibility and easy-to-use interface. 

In contrast to different Text-To-Speech software, you don’t have to reorder the text. Here, you can essentially choose any text and press the hotkey. The software will immediately read your text out loud in various languages. 

NaturalReaders text to speech permits you to read from pictures and documents with their Optical Character Reader device. Also, the product is accessible in both desktop and mobile versions. 


  • User-friendly.
  • Has the most updated A.I. voices.
  • Two naturally-sounding voices included.
  • One-Click technology for reading.


  • No ability to jump around or skip any text in the document
  • The paid version is highly-priced compared to others.


  • Personal price – $9.9/month
  • Commercial Price – $99/month

Voice Samples: 

3. iSpeech is a text-to-speech software accessible on different platforms. It allows you to utilize its online text-to-speech tools for free, which helps you in converting your text into speech at a rapid speed. 

You can likewise download these in a digital audio format if you are registered on the site. iSpeech additionally offers paid services that permit you to convert bigger texts.


  • Easy to use. 
  • Free online tool available. 
  • Both male and female voices are available in more than 30 languages in country-specific accents.


  • Limited word count in the free online tool. 
  • The available voices do not have the same quality as a human voice and can sometimes sound like a robot. 
  • The price of is relatively high compared to the prices of its competitors.


  • From 50$ (Credit system 1 credit = 1 word)

Voice Samples:

4. TTSreader

The TTS Reader is software that converts text into speech for commercial and personal usage. Your text is immediately read out loud with the help of natural-sounding voices. Thus, the TTS Reader helps the visually challenged by giving a rest to the eyes.

The product can likewise be utilized to listen to digital books, make audios for YouTube videos, edit a composed text, and even to engage or instruct youngsters. What’s more, the speech can be sent out as an audio recording later on. The software can be utilized straightforwardly from the browser.


  • Indeed, it combines the exclusive features of TTS Reader to easily provide a user experience. For example, the software is pdf. , TXT. And allow ebook uploads, so you don’t have to type long documents. 
  • It also highlights audio and text so that the listener can keep up. 
  • Above all, you can use multiple voice speeds to improve voice and text user control. In addition, male and female voice options include a variety of accents and languages ​​that users can choose from. 
  • For user convenience, the software remembers where the user last stopped and reads beyond it.


  • There are many things that software attracts users, but the competitors of TTS leaders are one step ahead. The price of TTS Reader seems to be cheap only for closed commercial plans. 
  • For YouTube videos, users will have to pay $10 (if TTS software is recognized) or $19 per published video. In fact, the replacement for TTS Reader seems to be cheaper for those who use YouTube-only software. 
  • According to reviews of several TTS readers, the audio output sounds mechanical. 
  • On the one hand, he mentioned that the application has multilingual voice options, but on the other hand, he did not explicitly mention the number of language and voice options offered to users who purchase paid plans.


  • $0 – $49 (One-time payment for organizations)
  • $10 – $19 per YouTube video.

Voice Samples:

5. Oddcast

Before we find out what OddCast is, we need to properly know what Text-To-Speech software is. As you may know, it is an assistive technology that reads the text on the screen aloud. With so many applications and many user benefits, technology has slowly but surely improved our quality of life.  

OddCast is one of those renowned developed TTS software. OddCast is also known for other services such as photo editing and translation. They are essentially media companies that offer a lot of services.


  • 27 Languages
  • Voice tuning is available
  • 185+ voices


  • Low-quality voices
  • What they brag about can’t actually be accessed directly from the website.


  • Not mentioned, only available by request.

Voice Samples:

6. Text2speech

This is a free and easy-to-use online text-to-speech converter. Not the best out there. Nonetheless, it is worth considering. What remained in the impression of the look was a simple and hassle-free appearance. There is no complicated procedure to follow. 

No need to create an account. Above all, it is easy to use even for amateurs who do not have technical knowledge. Using, the less it is, the better. I can’t upload large documents, but small text works fine. As it is free software, the functions provided are limited.


  • Simple, intuitive, one-step process 
  • No fancy features and complex algorithms 
  • Free 
  • No paid version planned 
  • Audio for listening and download Out-of-the-box (.mp3 and .wav format) 


  • 2 Languages ​​only available Hindi and English 
  • 6 Voice list 
  • Average reading quality 
  • Character limit 
  • Feature too basic by default


  • Free

Voice Samples:

Best Recommended

I think MicMonster is the best voice software out there. It offers very few restrictions and more features at these lower prices. Cheer up! Tools like MicMonster are very convenient and useful.

There are several other software on the market. The problem with most of them is that they don’t sound completely right. Many sounds are mechanical and absolutely robotic. I’ve tried MicMonster, and I’m satisfied. 


Here were 6 texts to speech software as alternatives to Notevibes. Read their Pros, Cons, Pricing carefully. Also, listen to the provided Voice Samples and only then make a decision on which Text to Speech software you would like to utilize. 

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