Lovo Studio Alternative For Generating Text To Speech

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Hello there, As we all know that text to speech software is the new trend, and in today’s busy lifestyle they serve as a time saver by helping us in various ways. 

Today we are going to talk about the alternatives of one such text to speech software called “Lovo Studio” If you haven’t heard about this software then don’t stress it out! We will happily brief it out for you. 

Lovo Studio is a platform for AI voiceover and cloning. We utilise in advertising, online education, corporation HR and L&D, audiobook publication, film production, application development, and personal media to reduce the time, effort, and cost of creating content. It includes more than 160 voices in 34 languages and accents.

But Lovo Studio text-to-speech software has various disadvantages like:

  • Voices are somewhat robotic and do not sound natural.
  • Fewer language options available, each language has a limited number of voices to choose from. More voice samples can be uploaded at any time.
  • There is no option to upload custom music for BGM. The monthly download limit is insufficient.
  • In terms of appearance and fluidity, the UI might be improved.

Which is why we are writing this article to give you 4 best alternatives of Lovo Studio

1. MicMonster

First on our list is MicMonster, It is an A.I. Human Sounding Voice Over Software that allows us to customise the voice style and emotions. Within 7 seconds or less, you can create a natural-sounding voice over. 

MicMonster software helps in converting text into audio. This is text-to-speech software that is cloud-based and will let you create voice-overs for your work. 

Based on our testing and research, I feel this is the greatest solution because it is the only software of its kind that gives a form to the speech.

Features of MicMonster:

  • Powerful AI Software That Transforms Any Text Into Clear Voiceovers In 48 Languages & Dialects In Both Male and Female Voices. (Yes. 48 Languages!)
  • The Cutting Edge In Text-To-Speech Technology That Allows You To Choose Voice Emotions (Available for English USA, Chinese & Portuguese Languages)… Say Goodbye To Bland & Robotic Voiceovers For Good.
  • Get Your Hands On The Mobile-Friendly Tool That Allows You To Use Any Device: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, etc. And… That Works With Any Video Creation Platform As Well.
  • No Tech Skills Needed: Micmonster Is A 100% Cloud Based Solution That Requires No Installation. Save Time And Skip The Headaches.
  • 200+ Voices – The addition of several languages and texts is the finest feature of MicMonster software.  MicMonster features male and female speakers. You may find a variety of voices for your next project. Before selecting a voice, you can also listen to an example.
  • Add Pauses – Micmonster uses punctuation to add stops automatically. 
  • Cross-Platform – You may create a Voiceover from any device, including Android and Mac. Micmonster is a cloud-based setup (versatile responsive)

3 Simple Clicks – MicMonster is so simple to use that even a kid can create a Voiceover. Choose your language and voice, then type or paste your text. Create and download.

Voice Samples of MicMonster:


2. Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is a platform that converts text into natural-sounding voice, allowing you to construct speaking applications and create a completely new category of speech-enabled services. 

Polly’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) service synthesizes natural-sounding human speech using powerful deep learning technology. 

With hundreds of authentic voices in a wide range of languages, you can create speech-enabled applications that operate in a variety of nations.


  • API
  • Change your speaking rate and pitch.
  • Audio Enhancement
  • Various Voice Options
  • Support for Multiple Languages
  • Speech Synchronization


  • Some symbols, such as fractions, are not recognised. Does not allow for cross-language translation. 
  • Amazon Polly’s voice still has a robotic sound to it.
  • Hard to use

Voice Samples:


Free Tier: Standard voices – 5 million characters per month, and Neural voices – 1 million characters per month.

Pay-As-You-Go Model: Standard voices – $4.80 per 1 million characters, and Neural TTS voices – $19.20 per 1 million characters.

3. Notevibes

Notevibes is a text-to-speech software that offers both free and premium versions to its customers. 

For testing Notevibes functionality, you have a limit of 5000 characters in the free edition. This is useful for little projects at home since it allows you to listen to many sentences at once.


  • Has a total of 18 languages.
  • 177 distinct voices
  • You may get up to 100,000 characters each month with the personal plan.
  • You may get up to 1,000,000 characters each month with the Commercial plan.
  • The premium option is the way to go if you’re seeking for the software’s Wav files.
  • You may modify your speech with pauses, emphasis, and spelling using the advanced editor.


  • Robotic Voices
  • Expensive
  • Less languages

Voice Samples:


  • Free
  • Personal – $ 9/monthly
  • Commercial – $ 90/monthly

4. Natural Reader

Natural Reader is a versatile text-to-speech application that is simple to install. Natural Reader stands out due to its ease of use, even if its features are identical to those of other TTS applications. 

You don’t have to copy and paste the text like you would with other TTS applications. To use the hotkey, simply pick any text and hit it. 

The programme will then read your content aloud in a variety of languages. With the Optical Character Reader tool, users may read from scanned photos and documents using Natural Reader text to speech. 

Additionally, the programme is accessible on a variety of devices in both mobile and desktop editions.


  • User-friendly.
  • Has the most updated A.I. voices.
  • Two naturally-sounding voices included.
  • One-Click technology for reading.


  • There is no way to skip or hop around any text in the page.
  • To access the voices, the free app requires Internet access.
  • The premium plan is quite expensive when compared to alternative options.
  • Long-term use is difficult.

Voice Samples:


  • Personal price – $9.9/month
  • Commercial Price – $99/month


These were the 4 best Text-To-Speech Software that we have chosen for you that work way better than Lovo Studio, but if you are looking for one specific software then we would personally recommend MicMonster.

Why are we recommending MicMonster? Well, MicMonster is a really useful software that always comes handy. There is a variety of text-to-speech software available on the market. 

The majority of them, though, do not sound realistic. 

Many voices are artificial or even sound robotic. MicMonster specializes in this area. The program’s creators have commented on how human-like the software’s voices seem right from the start. I tested it out, and it got my attention. 

Now, it should be noted that nothing is available that can perfectly replicate the emotions and delicacy of human speech but MicMonster really touches that spot. Rest is up to you whichever software you use!

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