Speechelo vs Amazon Polly

Are you confused between Speechelo and Amazon Polly? Want to find out which one is better between the two? Well, then you have reached the right spot! Now let’s get started with this impartial and genuine comparison of Amazon Polly and Speechelo. 

Sectors of comparison that we will cover in everything that you need to know.

As we all know that both Speechelo and Amazon Polly are cloud-based software, and both of them work as a text to speech software. Then what makes them different from each other?

The fact that “Speechelo is allegedly reselling Amazon Polly” or in other words, they are using Amazon Polly at the backend. And making loads of money out of it! Want to know how? Then read carefully.

In Amazon Polly, 1 million characters will cost you only 16 USD. Whereas, in speechelo, the same would cost you 37+47/quarterly USD as mentioned in various reviews. So basically, Speechelo is using Amazon Polly to convert your speech to text for just 16 USD and charging you 37+47/quarterly for it. Let’s get deep into it then…


Amazon Polly has an extremely easy Application programming Interface – Now, you might be wondering what an easy API can do?

It allows you to quickly merge your speech into application. You only have to send a text that you want to convert into speech, and the easy API instantly returns the audio so that you can start streaming it at once. Whereas, Speechelo does not mention anything about an API. Let’s discuss more features in short:

FeaturesAmazon PollySpeechelo
Bit rate48 kbps48 kbps
Languages29 languages23 languages
Total voices4030
Monthly limit(pay as you go )500000 characters
Cloud-based Solution


Amazon PollySpeechelo
PAY-AS-YOU-GO MODEL- Standard voices are priced at $4 per 1 million characters, and Neural TTS voices are priced at $16 per 1 million characters.Free Tier – Standard voices, the free tier includes 5 million characters per month, and Neural voices, the free tier includes 1 million characters per month.$47 front-end lifetime access Upsell 1) Speechelo pro $47/3months and Upsell 2) scriptelo $47 Copywriting software.No Free Tier
No money-back guarantee60 days money-back guarantee

Voice Samples

  1. English (UK)

Amazon Polly:


Billy Joey


  1. Spanish (US)

Amazon Polly:



Here is the list of languages that both softwares provide, to be clear, the following language list was taken from their respective websites.

Amazon PollySpeechelo
Chinese, MandarinMandarin
English, AustralianEnglish
English, BritishFrench
English, IndianGerman
English, USIcelandic
English, WelshItalian
French, CanadianKorean
Portuguese, Brazilian
Portuguese, European
Spanish, European
Spanish, Mexican
Spanish, US

Alternatives for Speechelo and Amazon Polly

The best alternative that comes to my mind is MicMonster. MicMonster is one of my favorite Speech-to-text websites with 48 languages, 300+ voices, and a whopping 384 kbps bit rate audio. With various voice styles like – General, cheerful, chat, empathetic, Narration-professional, Newscast-formal, Newscast-casual, Customer-service. 


Micmonster standard $37

  • 48 languages
  • 3000 characterst at once
  • one campaign
  • 200 voices

Upsell 1) Micmonster pro $97/year

  • 12000 characters at once
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlock 100 More voices
  • Background music
  • Commercial license
  • Narration
  • Advance Editor
  • Emphasize Word

Upsell 2) Micmonster agency $197/year

  • Agency license
  • Add sub users

30 days money-back guarantee

Voice Samples:

English USA:

Spanish (Spain):

Which is better?

Now before we straightaway tell you which one we think is better, you should know a few things about both softwares.

But I will recommend micmonster because we own it. Anyway, if you have any questions or query then let me know by the comment section.

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