MicMonster vs SONANTIC AI Comparison: Which One Is Better?

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Comparisons, MicMonster vs SONANTIC AI

Regarding making voiceovers and synthetic voices, MicMonster vs SONANTIC AI is a popular tool that has gained attention from content creators.

While both offer a range of features to create human-like voiceovers, they have unique strengths and weaknesses.

In this comparison, we’ll look at various aspects of both tools. Let’s check it out to pick the best one!

MicMonster and SONANTIC AI Overview

Comparisons, MicMonster vs SONANTIC AI


General, MicMonster and SONANTIC AI help users create voiceovers and synthesizers in unique ways.

First, MicMonster is a cloud-based text-to-speech app. Specifically, it uses AI-generated voices to make quality products.

Besides, it has a variety of voices, accents, and emotions. They are constantly updated to bring users the latest features.

SONANTIC AI, on the other hand, is a human-quality synthetic voice engine. It is usually for video games and other entertainment fields.

Besides, the tool is to make compelling performances using emotional text-to-speech. It can synthesize high-fidelity voices.

Both tools have different target markets but share the same features. Hence, they become ideal for many users looking to create synthetic voices.

So which is better? Keep reading to find the answer!

Compare MicMonster vs SONANTIC AI

Comparisons, MicMonster vs SONANTIC AI


If you want to create voiceovers, this comparison will help you decide which tool to choose for your needs.

Voice Quality

Both tools have features and benefits that make it difficult for us to distinguish. Yet, there is a difference in their sound quality.

MicMonster offers a variety of voices in a variety of languages, including natural-sounding voices and emotions.

Also, the tool uses AI-generated sounds designed to sound like human voices. So they are suitable for many applications, including:

The voice of this tool is clear and crisp. We will not hear the timbre of the robot.

SONANTIC AI, on the other hand, uses emotional text-to-speech and high-fidelity speech synthesis.

Hence, its voice is highly expressive and can convey many emotions. So they become ideal for creating immersive gaming experiences.

Voice Samples of MicMonster:

Customer Type

MicMonster is best suited for firms that need high-quality voiceovers for many goals. It targets large firms and SMEs. As we can see, it is geared towards companies with a global audience.

Meanwhile, the latter is ideal for individuals and SMEs in the entertainment industry. This tool is perfect for making immersive products in video games.

MicMonster is a more flexible tool, providing multiple voices with many different languages and emotions. Its target customers need demonstrations for various purposes and must produce them quickly and cost-effectively. Meanwhile, the SONANTIC AI targets a specific type of customer.

Ease of Use

Comparisons, MicMonster vs SONANTIC AI

Ease of Use

In terms of ease of use, MicMonster has the edge over the latter thanks to its simple UI and quick access to a wide variety of voices.

First, MicMonster offers a UI that is easy to navigate once you sign up. Users can create various projects and start working on them immediately.

Besides, the tool is cloud-based. So users do not need to download voice packs for the nearly 48 languages available because everything is loaded instantly from its server.

The latter, on the other hand, offers a more complex engine with a steeper learning curve. Specifically, it has a powerful API and batch import feature.

Thus, it allows rapid iteration of the linear and non-linear aspects of the pre-production dialogue. Hence, it is suitable for firms that need a high degree of customization.

This complexity makes the tool more difficult to use for beginners. So it takes time and effort to learn it.

Thus, consider their specific needs and the technical expertise of their team when choosing between the two tools.

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MicMonster and SONANTIC AI have distinct features that meet different needs.

First, MicMonster features natural language processing. This feature allows users to convert written text into natural sounds.

Besides, it has a media library with many pre-recorded voices in different languages. Also, it has audio tools that allow users to edit their audio files (adjust the pitch, speed, and volume of the dub).

Meanwhile, the SONANTIC AI provides talented voice samples that allow users to create the best voices for their projects. To do this, users can either import existing scripts or enter dialog boxes manually.

Besides, this tool allows users to add new scenes or redo the plot. Thus, it becomes flexible and adapts to the different needs of the project.

It also has additional content tracks and exports the final recordings. Hence, you can easily integrate with existing workflows.


Comparisons, MicMonster vs SONANTIC AI


MicMonster offers more flexibility in supported devices and operating systems.

As mentioned, MicMonster is a cloud-based SaaS app. So you can access it from any device with an internet connection, including:

  • Iphone
  • iPad
  • Mac
  • Android

Hence, it becomes a convenient option for users who need to make voiceovers on the go. Also, its cloud-based nature means it’s always up to date and has no installation.

Meanwhile, the latter can be installed on Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. This feature limits its accessibility. But it offers several benefits (offline capabilities and faster processing times).


MicMonster offers a flexible pricing model based on usage, with prices starting at $39 (3 months) and going up to $799 (lifetime).

This pricing model makes it affordable for small companies that need a limited voiceover. At the same time, it can cater to larger firms that have bulk voiceover needs. Also, it offers a free trial. So it allows users to test its features before committing to a paid plan.

The latter offers a more customized pricing model for firm solutions. Specifically, their pricing model is based on a per-minute rate.

Accordingly, the cost varies depending on the number of voice samples needed. So its price may be higher than its rival.

In short, MicMonster offers a fixed pricing model with reasonable options. Meanwhile, the SONANTIC AI has a more customized pricing model.

Comparison Table

This comparison table will help you better visualize the difference between these two tools:



Voice Quality

Natural sound

Human quality

Customer Type

Large firms




Ease of Use


More challenging


Fewer features

More features


Mobile devices





Pros And Cons of MicMonster vs SONANTIC AI

You must evaluate and analyze each tool’s pros and cons before deciding. Let’s find out what they are!



  • Easy to use
  • Easy access from anywhere
  • Offer a media library and audio tools
  • Offer a large selection of voices in various languages


  • The growing price is due to added features



  • Support multiple OS
  • Offer talented voice models
  • Convey a wide range of emotions
  • Can add new scenes and rework storylines easily
  • Allow for importing of existing scripts and manual dialogue entry


  • Complex to use

MicMonster vs SONANTIC AI: Which One Should You Choose?

Comparisons, MicMonster vs SONANTIC AI

Which One Should You Choose?

If you’re looking for high-quality synthetic voices, SONANTIC AI may be the right choice. It can offer a wide selection of talented voice models with customization options to create the best results for video games and other entertainment projects.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more straightforward tool, MicMonster will be the better option. It provides a simple UI and a wide range of voices. Also, it is a good option for SMEs and large firms looking to make voiceovers for various projects.

Besides, the cost is another essential factor to consider. MicMonster offers a more affordable pricing plan. In contrast, the latter may be more expensive but offers more features.

Ultimately, considering these two tools depends on your needs and preferences. It’s a good idea to compare features, pros, and cons and try out demos to make an informed decision.


What Is An AI Voice App?

Ai Voice is an app that uses AI technology to make synthetic voices for various purposes (text-to-speech conversion and voiceovers for videos or podcasts).

Is Voice Changer AI Safe?

Yes, it is. But the safety of a voice changer AI app depends on the specific app and how you use it. So it is important to use reputable and trusted AI voice apps from reliable sources to ensure safety and privacy.

How Does AI Voice Synthesis Work?

It uses deep learning algorithms to analyze and synthesize recorded human speech. Also, the AI algorithm learns to mimic the patterns and nuances of natural human speech. The aim is to create a synthetic voice that sounds natural.

How Does Sonantic AI Voices Work?

It uses advanced features to analyze and synthesize human speech to express emotions. Accordingly, it captures the subtle nuances of human speech (intonation and inflection) to create realistic voices. Then, you can use them for various goals.

How To Create Voiceovers For Videos?

To make voiceovers for videos, one can use AI voice apps to synthesize natural-sounding voices. The results can be exported as an audio file and used for video voiceovers. Also, one can record and edit it using an audio editing tool.


So have you chosen between MicMonster vs SONANTIC AI? We recommend considering the listed factors when deciding which tool is better for your needs.

Overall, both tools have their pros and cons. So it’s essential to carefully analyze these differences and know which best suits your particular needs and budget.

Share with us if you have any questions about these two tools!

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