MicMonster vs WellSaid Labs: How Are They Different?

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MicMonster vs WellSaid Labs

Voice technology, from virtual assistants to audiobooks, has become more prevalent daily. The demand for voiceover and text-to-speech (TTS) services has consequently been rising recently.

Two of the most popular TTS services in the market are MicMonster and WellSaid Labs. This blog post will discuss the primary differences between MicMonster vs WellSaid Labs.

Let’s scroll down to get into detail and determine the best-suited one for your needs!

Overview of MicMonster vs WellSaid Labs

Before comparing and contrasting the two tools, let’s briefly examine their features.


MicMonster is one such TTS tool that has been gaining popularity recently. It can convert written text into spoken words.

Unlike other TTS tools, it offers various voice options, including male and female voices with different accents.

Additionally, it supports multiple languages. This functionality makes it ideal for individuals who prefer to listen to content in their native language.

Furthermore, MicMonster offers a unique feature that allows users to adjust the speed and tone of their voice.

This feature ensures that users can customize the TTS experience to their liking, making it a more comfortable listening experience.

If you want an honest review of this tool, watch this video:

WellSaid Labs

WellSaid Labs Text-to-Speech tool is another AI-powered platform that converts text into lifelike speech.

The tool uses advanced deep-learning algorithms to generate natural and human-like speech.

It’s ideal for a wide range of applications (e-learning, audiobooks, voiceovers for videos).

Moreover, the tool allows users to customize the voice’s tone and speed to match their desired style.

This feature makes it easier for users to create a speech to suit the style of their content.

Comparisons, MicMonster vs WellSaid Labs

Overview of the two tools

MicMonster vs. WellSaid Labs: Comparison

Although the two tools may seem comparable, they have significant dissimilarities. Here are 10 key differences to consider before choosing one.

#1. Ease Of Use

MicMonster is known for its user-friendly interface, while WellSaid Labs may have a steeper learning curve for some users.

#2. Audio Quality

The audio quality of both MicMonster and WellSaid Labs is exceptional.

However, MicMonster offers higher quality audio files (up to 320 kbps) than WellSaid Labs (up to 256 kbps).

This difference is particularly noticeable for users who require high-quality audio for professional purposes.

Comparisons, MicMonster vs WellSaid Labs

Audio quality

#3. Customer Support

MicMonster and WellSaid Labs offer customer support, but the quality and availability differ.

MicMonster provides 24/7 customer support via email or chat, while WellSaid Labs only provides email support during business hours.

#4. Voice Options

MicMonster and WellSaid Labs offer a range of voices to choose from, but the quality and variety differ.

MicMonster has over 100 voice options that can be customized by adjusting the pitch, speed, and tone.

In contrast, WellSaid Labs has a smaller selection of voices. However, these options are all high-quality and natural-sounding.

#5. Tone and Emotion

MicMonster allows users to adjust the tone and emotion of the voice to match the content. This feature is handy for creating engaging audiobooks or podcasts.

WellSaid Labs does not offer this feature, but its natural-sounding voices can independently convey various emotions.

Comparisons, MicMonster vs WellSaid Labs

Tone & emotion

#6. Languages Supported

MicMonster is unique in offering text-to-speech services for over 20 different languages (English, Spanish, French, German).

This wide range of language support makes MicMonster ideal for businesses and individuals looking to communicate with a global audience.

Meanwhile, WellSaid Labs currently only offers English language support.

Yet, they plan to expand their language offerings, allowing them to compete more effectively with MicMonster and other speech technology providers.

#7. Integration with Other Platforms

MicMonster and WellSaid Labs can integrate with various platforms, including Zapier, WordPress, and Shopify.

This feature makes them an excellent choice for businesses that use multiple platforms. It’s worth noting, however, that MicMonster has more integrations available than WellSaid Labs.

Thus, if your business utilizes many different platforms, MicMonster may be your better choice.

Additionally, MicMonster’s integrations offer a wide range of features that can help streamline your workflow and improve your overall productivity.

Furthermore, MicMonster’s integration with WordPress allows you to publish and manage your content easily.

In contrast, while WellSaid Labs has fewer integrations available, it still offers a range of valuable features that can help improve your business.

For example, it can integrate with Zapier. So it can allow you to automate tasks and streamline your workflow.

#8. Customization

Both MicMonster and WellSaid Labs offer customization options, but MicMonster has more.

Users can adjust the pitch, speed, and tone of the voice, add background music, and choose from different audio effects.

In addition, MicMonster offers different voice options, such as male and female voices, as well as a variety of accents.

Users can also upload audio files to MicMonster and edit them using the platform’s advanced features.

On the other hand, WellSaid Labs offers limited customization options. Users can adjust the tone of the voice and add music, but they cannot modify the pitch or speed.

However, WellSaid Labs offers a unique feature where users can choose from a library of pre-recorded phrases and have them spoken in their chosen voice. It can help create voiceovers for specific words or sentences.

Comparisons, MicMonster vs WellSaid Labs


#9. Accuracy

MicMonster and WellSaid Labs use advanced AI algorithms to ensure accurate pronunciation of words and phrases. This feature makes them valuable tools for language learners and professionals alike.

While both companies prioritize accuracy, MicMonster’s algorithm stands out for handling the most complex words and phrases effortlessly. It allows users to practice and improve their speaking skills confidently.

In contrast, while WellSaid Labs’ algorithm is also highly effective, it may struggle with more challenging vocabulary, which could limit its usefulness for specific users.

#10. Price

MicMonster offers a pay-per-use system, whereas WellSaid Labs offers a subscription-based model.

MicMonster users pay only for the minutes they use, while WellSaid Labs users pay a monthly fee regardless of usage.

This difference in pricing models makes MicMonster a better choice for infrequent users. Meanwhile, WellSaid Labs is more suitable for heavy users.

Moreover, MicMonster offers a free version with limited features and voice options. For more extensive use, paid plans range from $9.99 to $119.99 monthly.

On the other hand, WellSaid Labs does not offer a free version; paid plans start at $49 monthly.

Comparisons, MicMonster vs WellSaid Labs


Comparison Table



WellSaid Labs

Easy of use

More user-friendly

Less user-friendly

Audio quality



Customer support


During working hours

Voice options

More than 100 options

Limited options

Tone and emotion


Non adjustable

Language supported

20 languages


Integration with other platforms

More integrations available

Fewer integrations available


– Adjust the pitch, speed, and tone of the voice

– Add background music

– Choose from different audio effects

– Adjust the tone of the voice and add music


More accurate

Less accurate


More expensive


MicMonster vs. WellSaid Labs: Pros And Cons

Both tools offer advanced features and high-quality audio output, but each has its unique strengths and weaknesses, as shown below:



  • Natural sounding voices
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable voices
  • Multiple output formats


  • Limited free plan
  • No offline support
  • Limited language support

Voice Samples of MicMonster:

WellSaid Labs


  • High-quality voices
  • Cost-effective


  • Limited languages
  • Limited customization options
  • Lack of emotion and inflection

MicMonster vs. WellSaid Labs: Which One Should You Choose?

MicMonster and WellSaid Labs are excellent text-to-speech tools that offer high-quality voiceovers. Which is better for you?

Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on your specific needs. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to generate voiceovers without any technical knowledge, MicMonster is an excellent choice.

Its user-friendly interface and wide range of voices make it popular among beginners. If you’re looking for a more advanced tool to fine-tune the pronunciation of specific words, WellSaid Labs is a better choice.

Its AI-powered pronunciation editor is a unique feature that differentiates it from other text-to-speech tools. Using their free trials to test both tools and determine the best fit for your needs is advisable.

Comparisons, MicMonster vs WellSaid Labs

Final verdict


#1. Who Owns WellSaid Labs?

WellSaid Labs was founded in 2018 by Matt Hocking, Andrew Breen, and Michael Ritter. These owners had experience in the tech and media industries.

#2. Can You Try WellSaid Labs For Free?

The short answer is yes! WellSaid Labs offers a free trial of their services for new customers. This trial includes up to 10 minutes of generated speech, which can be used for any project.

The trial is free. There is no obligation to purchase anything after it ends. It is an excellent option for those new to text-to-speech technology who want to test the tool before committing to a paid plan.

#3. Is MicMonster Free?

The answer is No! MicMonster is not entirely free but offers a free version with limited features.

This free version allows you to record audio, but it restricts the duration of the recording and the audio quality.

The free version is ideal for those wanting to try the software before purchasing the full version.

#4. What Is The Character Limit For MicMonster?

The tool allows 700,000 characters limit monthly, even when you have the pro version.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, MicMonster and WellSaid Labs are great text-to-speech tools. Consider the aspects mentioned above before choosing the one for your needs.

If you want a more natural-sounding voice and more customization options, MicMonster is the way to go.

If you only need English support and don’t require as many customization options, WellSaid Labs may be the better choice.

Hopefully, this article can help you make an informed decision when choosing between these two popular TTS tools.

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