Human Synthesys Studio Review: Is It Worth It?

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Text to Video is the new trend. Now videos are a crucial part of the internet. Videos definitely boost sales, engagement, and whatnot. Basically, you need videos if you are in the internet business.

However, making videos isn’t as easy as watching them. Especially if you want to make videos at scale. 

That’s where the text to video technology comes into play. A decades ago it was unimaginable to believe that you can make videos just by typing text. 

But, now it is possible to create engaging videos from the text-only. 

Human synthesys studio is one of these kinds of tool. However, I think this isn’t worth your money and you should go for an alternative product. Which is not only affordable but better as well. 

Before I share an alternative product let me review this product and tell you why this isn’t worth your money. 

I will cover everything from price, OTO, pros, cons, and everything in between.

I have spent my own money on HSS here is my receipt.

Receipt of jvzoo

What is Human Synthesys Studio?

Human synthesis studio is text to human video solution. It can transform your text into a human spokesperson video just like the following video.

Basically after typing your text you have to transform it into speech using their text-to-speech technology.  Then select the video avatar and hit create video button. 

This will start rendering your video. 

Here is the video tutorial of Human synthesys studio.

Keep in mind that, HSS only allows 1000 characters per video. You can add more slides in case you have longer content.

On freelancing websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, and many more Spokesperson charges between $20-100 per minute of video.

These peoples are PRO if you think that human synthesys studio can replace them NO it can’t replace them.

In case you need a basic human spokesperson video or you are shy then human synthesys studio can solve your problem.

Human Synthestudio Best Features 

1. Natural Text to Speech technology: No doubt, the text to speech technology sound very realistic Here are the voice samples of their text to speech technology.

If you upgrade to Enterprise then you will audio upload feature as well. I will explain more about it in the price section. 

2. Camera Options: While creating Video You can choose the avatar position in the video as you can see in the screenshot. 

Camera options

It is very helpful while making videos. 

3. Custom Background Option: You can upload your own background. HSS also comes with 7 images, 4 videos, and 8 color options in case you don’t want to upload your own background.

Custom Background

Enough Avatars: In the front end you are getting 17 avatars. If you upgrade to Pro you will get an extra 61 avatars. I feel like still, 16 is a big enough number to go with. 

You are getting all kinds of avatars from doctors to construction workers.


  1. Lips Sync isn’t Good Enough: No doubt, this is amazing technology however anyone can tell this is computer-generated video. Here is the screenshot of the mouth. As you can see there is only black space.
  1. Samples Issue:  They have a completely separate page for samples, unlike ActorMonster where you can play right inside the project by clicking on the avatar.  You have to go to another page to listen to samples, which makes it a little bit time-consuming & annoying. 

I have also noticed some text-to-speech voices are also missing voice samples.

It has been 7-8 months since the launch of Human synthesys studio and still, the team hasn’t fixed this bug yet. It shows the team has no plan to offer some serious updates.

  1. Render Time: Human synthesys studio takes a very long time to render the video. It will easily take 3 to 5 minutes to render 30 seconds of video. I haven’t purchased their priority rendering upsell (Enterprise) so I don’t know the render time for the Enterprise user.

It generally puts me in a queue where I have to generally wait for 5 to 10 seconds to start my video render process. 

  1. Cost: if you think this software is going to cost you only $67 you are WRONG. There are so many OTO’s that are necessary to purchase if you want to create a quality video. 

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Human Synthesis Studio Price

The price of a human synthesys studio is one of the most ignored things. This isn’t just like other lifetime deals.

Most people think this is a lifetime deal but people often don’t realize how much they are paying. So let me break down their cost including all the OTO.

OTO stands for on-time upsell, basically an additional optional upgrade that you can purchase. 

Front end Human Synthesys Studio $67

In the front end, you will get 17 humatars with 2 hours of video render time. 

This is a fixed render time and will not auto-renew automatically. 

Here are all the features that you are getting.

  1. 17 Humatars Avatars
  2. 6 Ultra Realistic Text To Speech 
  3. 66 Languages & 254 Human Voices

OTO 1 Humatars Pro $77

On the JV page, they have mentioned the price $67. But in reality, the price is $77  Looks like they have increased the price from $67 to $77.  Anyway, here is what you are getting inside Pro

  1. 61 Additional Humatars
  2. 30 More Text To Speech Voices 

On the pro page you will also find $5 off coupon code. So technically it will cost you $73.

HSS Enterprise $67

On the jvzoo page they have mentioned that the enterprise price is $57. However in reality it is $67. Again you will get a 5% off coupon. 

Anyway, here is what you are getting inside the HSS enterprise

  1. Audio upload feature (Yes without this you will not be able to upload audio files you have to use text to speech only)
  2.  Priority VIP rendering 
  3. 100 Ready-Made Local Business Niches PPT/Keynote Templates; edit or add to HSS; use as a video
  4. Priority Future Updates (I don’t think they are ever going to release some major update )

AudioSuite $67

AudioSuite is basically a combination of two tools.

  1. Their text to speech technology tool Synthesys
  2. Infinitunes ( the first AI-Powered Music Software)

You are not getting a lifetime deal of their text-to-speech software synthesys. In fact, you are getting some credits that you need to renew just like Human synthesys studio. They haven’t mentioned how many credits you are getting so I contacted their support.  Here is their reply.

Synthesys credits

So new users will get 40000 credits. In case you already own the product then purchasing this upsell will add extra 30000 credits into your account. Here each credit represents each character.

Inside the humatars they describe Human real voices. You are getting the same voices in their text-to-speech tool.

Basically, they are using lovo studio API for this. Here are the voice samples.

OTO 4 Humatars Agency. 

This is the last upsell and it is all about credits to render the video. Along with video credits you are getting many features. 

Here are the features

Agency Lite $197Agency Pro $297Agency Unlimited $500
Increase video length up to 12 minutesIncrease video length up to 12 minutesIncrease video length up to 12 minutes
Add Up to 5 Sub users’ AccountsAdd Up to 5 Sub users’ AccountsAdd Up to 5 Sub users’ Accounts
157 Videos Scripts 157 Videos Scripts 157 Videos Scripts 
3 hours of total render time5 hours of total render timeUnlimited Render time

Real Price of Human synthesys Studio

I think you need to purchase the following upsells otherwise you will not be able to make quality videos. Let me explain why you need these OTO’s.

  1. Humatar Pro: This is crucial because you want to unlock all the text-to-speech voices. You can still go without avatars however without text-to-speech voices I think you need to unlock all voices
  2. Humatars Enterprise: Audio upload is a necessity, not an option. I can’t imagine the tool without the audio upload feature. 

No doubt, text to speech has become much more realistic today but still, I think the audio upload feature is a necessity. 

You are still ok to go without priority render time. However, an audio upload feature is a must.

  1. Agency Unlimited: Agency unlimited makes it a lifetime deal, without this it is paid as you go deal. So you need this. 

So the real cost of Humatars is 

$67 (front end)+ $67 (Pro)+ $77 (Enterprise) + $500 = $691

By far at least you can remove Humatars Pro from this deal. Other than that I don’t think you can remove any other oto and still make quality videos. 

And do not forget Most of the jvzoo products stop working after 2-3 years. However, it looks like the HSS founder is committed to making the product better. 

Why ActorMonster is Better Alternative 

We are working on this product since September 2021 and launched after the first beta version a few months ago. Here is the demo video of ActorMonster.


Right now we have only 4 avatars. Soon we will add more avatars inside the actormonster. 

We currently have only text to speech technology that works in 129 languages. There are over 300 voices available. 

Soon we will add an audio upload feature as well. 

The biggest benefit of purchasing ActorMonster is Continuous updates.

Here is the current pricing of actormonster

Basic $49

  1. 4 avatars
  2. Text to Speech technology
  3. 50000 characters/lifetime 

Pro $99

  1. 4 avatars
  2. Text to Speech technology
  3. 100000 characters/lifetime

You can purchase more characters from the dashboard if you need more. 

Here is the upcoming pricing of ActorMonster

Front End $47

  1. 5 Avatars
  2. All Text To Speech Voices
  3. Custom Background Upload 
  4. 1 hour of render time
  5. Commercial license

OTO 1 ActorMonster Pro $147/year

  1. Unlock 10 Avatars
  2. Early Access To Upcoming Avatars
  3. Audio upload feature
  4. 1 Hour of Video Render Credits Each Month

We don’t offer a lifetime deal because we continuously updating our product to make it better.  And if you look carefully you can get ActorMonster for 4 years at the price Human synthesys studio price.

$691-47 (Actormonster front end cost) = 644 and if we divide 644/147=4.3 years 

No doubt, you are getting more avatars in HSS than actormonster. We will pass that number sooner in the future and actor monster video quality is much better than human synthesys studio.

And Most importantly you don’t need a lifetime deal. Just think about it, tell me one product that you are using from the last 10 to 20 years. 

We are often changing the way 

Final Words 

Text to human video is new technology and it requires higher GPU power to render the video.

That’s why it is expensive, however, if you compare it with a human spokesperson then you will find out that it is much cheaper than hiring a real human.

No doubt, humans can do some facial expressions that aren’t possible through AI at this moment. However, sooner or later AI videos will be able to do that. 

ActorMonster is one of the most affordable text-to-human video solution that is becoming better day by day. 

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  1. I regret purchasing the full human synthesis studio package. Not enough diversity, no updates .

    I found a better software called it includes a variety of actors, templates face swap capabilities and auto captions all in the pro version. its expensive but totally worth the price. Colossyan is another game changer.

    I have no use for HSS ANYMORE.

  2. I appreciate the thorough review of Human Synthesys Studio and the alternative product recommendation. It’s helpful to have an honest assessment of the product before making a purchase. I also appreciate the explanation of how the tool works and the tutorial video included in the article. I do have a question, though – what are the limitations of the alternative product, ActorMonster, and how does it compare in terms of features and pricing? Thank you for sharing your insights and recommendations.


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