Speechelo vs Synthesis: Which is Better For You?

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If you are looking for an unbiased comparison between speechelo & synthesis then you are on the right page.

Here I will enough data so you can make a decision on your own which is better for you instead of giving an opinion about any software.

Hi, my name is Harinder and I’m the founder of MicMonster. Micmonster is also AI Voiceover, I will also compare Micmonster with speechelo and synthesis.

Introduction the competitors


Speechelo is one of the most famous tools among video creators. It started in May 2020. After the speechelo, many one-time text-to-speech tools are launched in the market.

Speechelo best features

  1. Control Pitch & Speed, Add Pause
  2. Chance Voice Tune to Friendly, Serious & Normal
  3. Add Breathing (Available only for standard voices that sound robotic)
  4. Available in 23 languages (Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh)
Speechelo pricing

Front end $37

  1. 30 Voices
  2. 23 languages
  3. 700 words per voiceover

Speechelo Pro 47/quarterly

  1. 171 Voices
  2. Background Music
  3. Unlimited projects
  4. Commercial licnese

Scriptelo $37

GPT-3 based tool to write content by machine learning

Speechelo cons

  1. Speechelo pro is expensive
  2. Sound Robotic
  3. Plenty of Mails about Other products


On the other hand, synthesis launched after few months. This tool is launched by Mario brown with his partner Oliver Goodwin.

Synthesys is widely popular among jvzoo users. Synthesys is only available in the English language.

Synthesys best features

  1. Narration available
  2. Voices With Excitement

Front end $67

  1. 30 Voices
  2. 23 languages
  3. 700 words per voiceover

Synthesys Pro – $67

  1. Extra 11 professional English voice actors
  2. Upto 500 characters to render
  3. Pronunciation

Synthesis DFY Boost Pack – $47

Pre-rendered audio voice-overs for all niches proven to convert

Synthesys Business

  • 150,000 Extra Credits – $147
  • 500,000 Extra Credits – $297
  • Unlimited Credits – $497

Synthesys Limitations

  1. Only support english
  2. Up to 1000 characters per voiceover
  3. Very expensive

Voice Samples



Speechelo, Synthesis Or Micmonster

Let me introduce Micmonster by sharing voice samples first.

Voice Samples of MicMonster:

If you like these voice samples and are interested in knowing more about MicMonster, let me inform you first Micmonster is affordable than speechelo & Micmonster.

Why Choose Micmonster over Speechelo & Synthesys.

  1. Works in 48 languages
  2. Let you control emotion of voice for english usa, portuguese and chinese language.
  3. Better voice quality
  4. Let you convert up to 12000 characters at once
  5. Work on all devices
  6. Narration (coming soon)

Here is the full pricing of MicMonster.


No doubt, the text-to-speech industry is on the boom. It is becoming realistic day by day. Here at MicMonster, we are constantly researching that how to make better voices.

Every time we update MicMonster we increase the price. So if you want to get MicMonster at the lowest price possible then now is the best time.

if you have any question or query then let me know by the comment section.

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