MicMonster vs. NaturalReaders: Which One You Should Choose?

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Are you confused between MicMonster vs NaturalReaders? This post will compare these tools based on different features. If you’re curious, let’s click on it!

Technological advancements have made text-to-speech tools popular among content producers.

These tools offer a convenient and efficient way to convert written text into spoken words. MicMonster vs. NaturalReaders are tools that have gained popularity in recent years.

This blog post will compare these powerful text-to-voice tools. From that, you can determine the best-suited one. Let’s delve into it to explore!

MicMonster vs. NaturalReaders: Overview

Let’s glance at an overview of the features of each tool and explain how they work.


MicMonster is a text-to-speech tool that converts written text into natural-sounding speech. It uses advanced AI technology to create realistic and human-like voices.

MicMonster offers various voices in different languages, accents, and genders. You can choose the one to suit your needs and preferences.

MicMonster also has a feature that allows users to emphasize specific words or phrases, making the speech more expressive and engaging.

Furthermore, MicMonster is easy to use. It also integrates with various applications. Users can select the text they want to convert and click the MicMonster icon to start the conversion process.

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NaturalReaders is another popular text-to-speech tool. It uses natural-sounding voices to convert written text into speech.

NaturalReaders also offers various voices in different languages, accents, and genders. Thus, you will find your favorite option.

One of the unique features of NaturalReaders is its OCR (optical character recognition) technology. It enables you to convert scanned documents and images into spoken words.

NaturalReaders also has a feature that allows you to adjust the speech’s speed and volume to make it more personalized.

This service is user-friendly. It also can go with various applications. Users can select the text they want to convert and click the NaturalReaders icon to start the conversion process.

Watch the video below to learn how it works:

Overview & introduction

MicMonster vs. NaturalReaders: Comparison

Consider the following differences to choose the suitable text-to-voice tool!

Ease of Use

Regarding ease of use, both MicMonster and NaturalReaders have simple user interfaces that are easy to navigate.

Yet, some differences between the two tools affect your decision. For example, MicMonster has a Chrome extension that you can install and use effortlessly.

This extension allows quick and easy access to the tool. It’s ideal for users who are always on the go.

Additionally, MicMonster has various customizable options, including the ability to adjust the speed and pitch of the voice.

On the other hand, NaturalReaders has a web application you can access from any device with an internet connection.

Thus, it’s great for users accessing the tool from different devices or locations.


Ease of use


MicMonster and NaturalReaders both offer a range of customization options for users.

MicMonster allows users to adjust the speed and volume of the voice and choose from various voices in different languages.

NaturalReaders allows users to adjust the voice’s pitch, speed, and volume and add pauses and emphasis to certain words.

NaturalReaders also offers the ability to save custom voices, which can be helpful for users who want to use the same voice consistently.


When it comes to training, NaturalReaders has a clear advantage. Its software allows users to train the tool to recognize their speaking style and accent, resulting in a more natural-sounding voice.

MicMonster does not have this feature, meaning that users may need to spend more time editing the audio files to achieve the desired level of naturalness.


MicMonster and NaturalReaders offer various language options, catering to users who speak English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and many more.

MicMonster’s range of voices is awe-inspiring, with 48 voices in 23 languages.

NaturalReaders, on the other hand, offers 27 different voices in 14 languages, which is still quite extensive.

That said, the quality of the voices can vary depending on the language and specific voice selected.

Some languages may have more natural-sounding voices, while others may have a more robotic or artificial tone.

You must explore the options available and find the voice that best suits your needs and preferences.

Additionally, MicMonster and NaturalReaders are constantly updating and improving their voice options, so users can expect to see even more variety and quality in the future.


Language support

Customer Support

Customer support is a top priority when selecting a text-to-speech tool to ensure a seamless experience.

It’s where MicMonster and NaturalReaders come in, both offering customer support through email and live chat.

However, it is essential to note that NaturalReaders goes above and beyond in providing exceptional customer support.

They also offer email and live chat. Besides, phone support is available for those needing more immediate assistance.

Therefore, if you want a text-to-speech tool with extensive customer support options, NaturalReaders is better.


When deciding on a text-to-speech tool, pricing is undoubtedly one of the critical factors to consider.

In this regard, MicMonster and NaturalReaders are viable options, offering affordable pricing plans.

Starting with MicMonster, users can take advantage of the free plan, which, although limited, may meet the needs of some users.

The premium plan is available for those requiring more features, starting at $199 monthly.

Similarly, NaturalReaders also offers a free plan suitable for basic use, while the premium plan starting at $9.99 per month, provides more advanced features.

Extra Features

NaturalReaders is a comprehensive text-to-speech tool with basic functionality and several advanced features.

For instance, you can convert text into MP3 files. It’s ideal for those who prefer to listen to their documents on the go.

Additionally, the software comes equipped with OCR scanning capabilities, making scanning and reading through any document a breeze.

Moreover, NaturalReaders offers seamless integration with various applications, allowing users to access its features within their favorite programs.

On the other hand, MicMonster is a more straightforward tool that focuses solely on basic text-to-speech functionality.


Extra features

Comparison Table

Ease of useEasyEasy
CustomizationLimited optionsMore advanced options
TrainingMore challengingEasier
Languagesover 60 optionsover 14 options
Customer supportemail & live chatemail, live chat, phone support

Pros And Cons Of MicMonster And NaturalReaders

MicMonster and NaturalReaders are great options for text-to-speech technology. However, they have benefits and some drawbacks, as shown below:



  • Offer a variety of voices and languages
  • Generate natural-sounding voices
  • Have a user-friendly interface


  • Limited customization options
  • Limited language options



  • Allow users to adjust the speed, pitch, and tone of the voice
  • Offer a free version that is available for download
  • Great customer support


  • Voice quality issues
  • Robotic-sounding voices

Pros and cons

Which Should You Choose?

When deciding between MicMonster and NaturalReaders, there are a few factors to consider.

Firstly, consider your needs and preferences. If you value natural-sounding voices and a user-friendly interface, MicMonster might be the perfect fit.

Moreover, you will find one you enjoy listening to, thanks to various voice options.

On the other hand, if your requirements extend beyond simply listening to text-to-speech software, then NaturalReaders may be the better option for you.

For example, if you need to read PDF documents or require more advanced features, NaturalReaders is worth considering.

Although the voices may not be as natural-sounding as MicMonster, the additional features and functionality more than make up for it.

Ultimately, the decision between MicMonster and NaturalReaders will depend on your needs and preferences.

Consider your needs and weigh these tools’ pros and cons before getting one.



What Other Applications Or Services Does Naturalreader Integrate With?

This tool can integrate seamlessly with the following options:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Web browsers
  • Mobile devices

This feature makes it easy for users to listen to any text from various sources.

Is There An Extension Feature On Natural Reader, And How Is It?

Yes, Natural Reader has an extension feature. It is the Natural Reader Web Extension. It lets the user listen to web pages, PDFs, and Google Docs.

The Natural Reader Web Extension is easy to use. After installing, a small icon will appear on your browser.

When you navigate to a web page, click on this icon. The tool will read the text aloud. You can also adjust the voice’s speed and volume. The extension feature is available for these browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

How Does Micmonster Work?

MicMonster is built on text-to-speech technology that converts written text into spoken words.

The technology is based on a combination of linguistic and acoustic models.

The linguistic model analyzes the text and breaks it down into phonemes. The acoustic model then converts these phonemes into speech sounds. The resulting speech is then synthesized and output as an audio file.

MicMonster uses deep learning algorithms to improve the accuracy and naturalness of the synthesized speech.

Does Micmonster Have A Mobile App?

The answer is no. MicMonster does not have a mobile app at the moment. The software tool is only available as a desktop application. But the mobile version of the website is very smooth.

Final Verdict

MicMonster and NaturalReaders are excellent text-to-speech tools that offer a range of features and customization options.

The choice depends on your needs. MicMonster is a good choice for users who want a free and straightforward tool with a wide range of voices and languages.

NaturalReaders is ideal for those wanting more customization options and are willing to pay for them.

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