Can Google Read A Document To Me? The Easiest Ways You Must Know

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Text to Speech, Can Google read a document to me

Many people may have no time to read too-long documents in this fast-paced world. The reason could be a busy schedule, impaired vision, or they want to multitask while listening to the material. 

Hence, they want to find a tool to read all the texts. In this case, many people ask: Can Google read a document to me?

In this article, we will explore the two easy ways to use the TTS feature of Google to read documents. Let’s discover these tools!

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Can Google Read A Document To Me? 

Text to Speech, Can Google read a document to me

Can Google Read A Document To Me?

The answer is Yes. Google can read a document to you using its built-in TTS feature in Google Docs or a Google Chrome extension. 

What are they? How to use them? Read on to learn more!

Text-To-Speech Feature

Regarding how Google reads text, it’s impossible not to mention its built-in TTS engine. Although it is a free feature, it can do the job of reading documents aloud to you. For people with difficulty reading, it helps them hear the text instead of reading it themselves.

You must open a Google Docs document first to use this feature. Once done, access the TTS tool by choosing Tools > Accessibility from the main menu. 

In Accessibility Settings, you will see the “Enable screen reader assistance” checkbox. Here, click it, and it will enable text-to-speech.

Once you’ve enabled TTS, you can select any text in your document and have Google Docs read it aloud. To do this, choose the text and click the Accessibility menu. From there, you can select the oral reading features that Google offers to hear Google Docs read aloud the selected text.

Besides reading selected text, this text-to-speech tool can read other parts of your document. For example, you can set it to read the current word count or formatting choices.

The Google Docs TTS tool is a great feature to save time and make working with your documents easy. Whether working on a long report or a short memo, this tool can help you stay focused and productive. 

Google Chrome Extension

Text to Speech, Can Google read a document to me

Google Chrome Extension

Besides the above feature, there are third-party extensions to add the TTS function to Google Docs. 

You can find many extensions with this function in the Chrome Web Store. But we recommend a good candidate: Read & Write (available for Google Chrome).

Read & Write is a powerful tool to help you compose and edit documents more efficiently. Moreover, it includes many other features like word prediction tools, dictionaries, and translators. You have many options to customize it to suit your needs regarding usability.

First, install the extension to use this tool. For those unfamiliar, this can be done by:

  1. Opening the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Navigating to the Chrome Web Store.
  3. Searching for “Read & Write for Google Chrome.” 
  4. Click “Add to Chrome.” Then follow the prompts to install it once you’ve found the extension.

Once installed, it can read any text in your Google Docs document. One advantage of using Read & Write is that it includes customization options. 

For example, you can choose from different voices and adjust the speed of the TTS function to suit your preferences. Also, you can change the highlight color used by Read & Write to make it easier to follow your text.

Limitations And Considerations Of Google’s TTS Feature 

Text to Speech, Can Google read a document to me

Limitations And Considerations Of Google’s TTS Feature

While this tool has many benefits, you cannot expect it to be without flaws. There are some disadvantages of it that you need to pay attention to.


Like any other automated TTS system, Google’s system can have difficulty pronouncing specific words or phrases correctly. 

This problem is easier to notice with uncommon or specialized vocabulary, such as proper names or technical jargon. Also, the voice’s tone and intonation may not always match the text’s intended meaning. 

These limitations can lead to incorrect or misleading interpretations of the message by the listener, affecting the entire listening process. 

Although technology has advanced in recent years, human communication is still a complex process that needs linguistic and emotional nuances.

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Text to Speech, Can Google read a document to me


Google offers several efforts to protect user privacy, such as encrypting data and needing authentication to access Google Docs. But there is still a risk that unauthorized individuals or third parties access the document.

Thus, we recommend some tips to protect your sensitive information, including:

  • Strong passwords
  • Use two-factor authentication
  • Limit the amount of personal or sensitive information stored or shared through Google Docs

Quality Of Audio

The sound quality of Google TTS output may vary due to many factors, such as your device and internet connection. 

Outdated equipment or a slow internet connection can result in slower audio playback or poor quality. Hence, it negatively affects your listening experience. 

To address these concerns, you should take measures to ensure a reliable internet connection and use a device with appropriate audio and processing capabilities. 

This approach can help optimize the performance of TTS systems and provide a more satisfying experience for listeners.

Customization Options

Text to Speech, Can Google read a document to me

Customization Options

As a built-in tool, the TTS of Google has a predefined set of functions, and its customization options are relatively limited. 

These shortcomings can make it difficult for users with specific options for how they want the text to be read. For example, adjust the speed to match their reading speed or modify the pitch to increase clarity.

Yet, users can consider alternative TTS tools that offer more flexibility in customizing the output according to their preferences.


Now you can answer the question: can Google read a document to me? In a nutshell, Google’s TTS feature provides an easy and convenient way to listen to material on the go or for those who prefer auditory learning. 

Whether you use the built-in TTS tools in Google Docs or a Chrome extension, there are ways to access this feature. Yet, it is vital to consider the limitations and considerations when using Google’s TTS feature.

Hence, you can get the most out of this feature by being aware of shortcomings. Then, you can use it to enhance your productivity and accessibility. 

Thank you for reading!

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