Is Google Read And Write Free? How Much Does It Cost?

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Google Read and Write is a powerful tool designed to assist people with reading, writing, and accessibility needs. 

Yet, a common question many users ask is: Is Google Read and Write free? The answer is that it has free and paid versions. 

Understanding the difference between the free and paid versions of Google Read and Write is vital for someone considering this tool to support their reading and writing needs. Read in to discover this tool!

Why Use Google Read And Write?

Text to Speech,

Why Use Google Read And Write?

Let’s find out why so many people trust this tool!

Literacy Support

Google Read and Write has many features to assist people with reading and writing problems, including:

  • TTS
  • Speech to text
  • Word prediction and dictionary tool

These features allow users to better understand and express themselves in written form. 


Google Read and Write can be accessible to many users. Specifically, it offers compatibility with multiple platforms, including:

Besides, it has an intuitive UI and helpful tutorials. As you can see, its accessibility features make it a valuable tool for individuals with various needs.

Language Support

This tool supports multiple languages, making it accessible to users. It can do the job well whether you want TTS and speech-to-text in English or French. Also, its translation feature can translate text from one language to another.

As can be seen, its language support makes it a valuable tool for those looking for support in their native language or for those learning a new language.

Is Google Read And Write Free?

Text to Speech,

It has both a free and a premium version. The free version includes text-to-speech, dual highlighting, and an in-text translator. Meanwhile, the premium version includes additional features and costs $99/year.

Free Version

The free version of Google Read and Write offers a range of helpful features that can assist people with reading and writing difficulties. 

Among them, its most notable feature is its text-to-speech capability and double markup for any text on any web page. 

In other words, you can listen to the web page’s content while following the highlighted text. It can help you understand and remember information better. 

Double highlighting, in both blue and yellow, can also make it easier to track where you are in the text, helping to avoid confusion and loss of place.

Besides, you can use an in-text translator with this free version. Thus, it is for people learning a new language or for someone who needs to read content in another language.

Premium Version

Text to Speech,

Premium Version

The premium version of Google Read and Write costs $99 per year. It builds on the features offered in the free version with extra support for Google Docs. 

This integration allows users to access additional tools and features to help with active reading and writing tasks.

The main feature of this premium version is multi-point marking – allowing you to highlight multiple pieces of text in different colors. This feature can help organize and categorize information when researching or analyzing text. 

Also, this version includes the ability to extract highlights, which can help summarize information or create study guides.

The vocabulary chart is another unique tool included in this version. It allows you to collect and organize new vocabulary you come across when reading. 

Thus, it is for language learners or individuals building vocabulary for academic or professional purposes. 

In addition, you will enjoy the dictionary of this tool. It is valuable for those who need assistance with word definitions or visual learning.

Finally, this version includes word prediction, which can assist users in creating and selecting appropriate words as they type.

In short, the premium version of Google Read and Write offers a more comprehensive set of tools. Hence, added features can help users manage and analyze information, expand vocabulary, and write articles more efficiently.

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Who Uses Google Read And Write?

Text to Speech,

Who Uses It?

Overall, this tool can be a need for anyone who wants to improve their reading and writing skills. Its accessibility and language support features make it a valuable tool for individuals from diverse backgrounds and with different needs. 

But here are the four most popular user groups of this tool!


One group of individuals who often use Google Read and Write is students. 

Text-to-speech and double-marking features can help these students in reading comprehension and memorization. Meanwhile, vocabulary tools and word prediction can assist with writing tasks. 

Besides, the features of multi-point highlighting and extraction of highlights can help organize information and take notes while reading.


Teachers can use Google Read and Write to assist their students with reading and writing tasks. Also, teachers can create and share reading and writing materials with their students, such as study guides or writing prompts.


Experts in various fields can also use Google Read and Write to assist with reading and writing tasks. 

For example, this tool can be helpful for someone who needs to read and analyze large amounts of text (legal documents or research articles). 

Also, vocabulary tools and word prediction can be suitable for writing emails, reports, and other types of business communication.

Individuals With Disabilities

In this Google Read and Write tool, the TTS feature can be helpful for people with visual impairments. On the other hand, voice-to-text can be for people with physical disabilities or injuries.

Limitations of Google Read and Write

While Google Read and Write offers many features to people of different educational backgrounds, you should note some limitations of this tool.

First, its free version has limited options. While it offers TTS, double highlighting, and an in-text translator, it doesn’t support Flash and can’t read PDFs in Google Docs. 

On the other hand, the premium version offers additional features. But the $99 per year price tag will be a barrier for some on a tight budget.

Second, its internet-dependent performance can cause lag in word prediction and TTS. Hence, it can be frustrating for users trying to complete tasks quickly or having slow internet connections.

Finally, you must click with the mouse to select words, which can be inconvenient for users who prefer to use numeric hotkeys or arrow keys to select words. 


Is Google Read and Write free? This tool offers free and premium versions with different features.

Those with a limited budget may find that the free version fully supports their reading and writing needs. Meanwhile, those who need more advanced features can benefit from the additional tools offered by the premium version.

Whether using the free or premium version, this tool offers powerful features to assist individuals with access and learning difficulties.

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