Can I Make PDF Read Aloud? The Easiest Ways You Must Know

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Are you wondering: Can I make PDF read aloud? You are in luck! We recommend the easiest ways to do so in this post. Click on this article to discover.

PDF documents have become a popular format for sharing and distributing different types of content due to their versatility and compatibility.

So can I make the PDF read aloud? The good news is that reading PDFs aloud is possible and easier than you think.

This article will explore the easiest ways to read your PDFs aloud. We’ll dive into specific methods for Android devices, iPhones, Macs, Windows computers, and online platforms.

Then, you’ll discover how accessible and convenient it is to read aloud your PDFs, opening up new possibilities for information usage and productivity.

Let’s discover these tools!

Can I Make PDF Read Aloud?

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Can I Make PDF Read Aloud?

The answer is Yes. You can read PDF files aloud using a variety of methods, such as:

  • Dedicated PDF reader apps with text-to-speech functionality
  • Device built-in accessibility features
  • Online platforms offer PDF-to-speech capabilities

We will provide detailed solutions on different platforms, from Android devices to online. Let’s find out with us!

On Android Devices

The most common method to make PDFs read aloud is to use a dedicated PDF reader that supports TTS features.

Apps such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit PDF Reader, and Xodo PDF Reader provide built-in features for reading PDF files aloud.

These apps use the TTS engine installed on the Android device to convert the text in the PDF into speech. Thus, you need to open the PDF file in the app and activate the TTS function to start listening to the content.

Android devices often come with a built-in feature called “TalkBack.” You can navigate to and open the PDF file with any PDF reader app by enabling this tool in the device settings. Then, your device will automatically read the text aloud.

Besides, dedicated PDF-to-speech apps are on the Google Play Store if you prefer a third-party app. Some common examples include:

  • eReader Prestigio
  • NaturalReader
  • Speech Central

On iPhones

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On iPhones

iOS devices have built-in features that enable TTS functions. But there are also dedicated PDF reader apps available that offer their text-to-speech capabilities.

First, you can use the VoiceOver tool. This tool reads aloud the content displayed on the iPhone screen, including PDF files.

To enable it, go to your Settings >>> Select “Accessibility” >>> Select “VoiceOver” and turn on the feature.

With the tool enabled, you can open the PDF with the default Apple Books app or any other PDF reader app, and the device will read the text aloud.

Second, you can use Apple Books, the default iPhone reader app that supports text-to-speech functionality for PDF files. You can open a PDF file in this app, tap text to select it, then tap the “Speak” option to read the content aloud.

Third, just like on Android devices, there are third-party PDF reader apps on the App Store with TTS features such as:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Foxit PDF Reader
  • Voice Dream Reader

On Macs

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On Macs

Making PDFs read aloud on a Mac is a simple process that can be accomplished using built-in features and default apps.

Like iPhones, Macs also have a VoiceOver tool. To enable it, go to the Apple menu >>> “System Preferences” >>> “Accessibility” >>> “VoiceOver” >>> Turn it on.

Besides, you can directly access TTS functions in the Preview app (default PDF reader on your Mac). Also, third-party PDF reader apps for Mac, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader and PDF Expert, offer TTS capabilities.

Plus, it’s worth noting that macOS also includes a comprehensive set of voice options. Thus, you can customize the voice, speed, and other voice parameters according to their preferences.

On Windows Devices

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On Windows Devices

While Windows doesn’t have a built-in PDF-specific TTS feature, we have many other options to achieve this function.

The most common method is to use PDF reader apps that support TTS features. Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, and Nitro Reader are PDF readers with built-in TTS functions.

Besides, the Narrator in Windows enables text-to-speech functionality across the operating system, including PDF files.

To activate it, go to the Start menu >>> Open the Settings app >>> Select “Ease of Access” >>> Select “Narrator.”

Once enabled, open the PDF file with any PDF reader app. Then, this tool will read the text aloud.

There are also third-party PDF-to-speech applications for Windows devices. Examples include:


Text to Speech,


You can make PDFs read aloud online through various online platforms and tools that provide TTS functions for PDFs.

They often use cloud-based services to convert text in PDF files to speech. Thus, you can listen to the content without downloading or installing any tool.

A popular online platform for reading PDF files aloud is Adobe Acrobat Online. It offers a web-based PDF reader that has a TTS feature. You can upload your PDFs to this platform. Then, enable the TTS option to read the text aloud.

Besides, you can use an online PDF reader that offers TTS. In this method, Sejda, SmallPDF, and Soda PDF Online offer online PDF readers with built-in TTS features.

With these platforms, you can upload PDFs and use the tools provided to read the content aloud. Also, web-based PDF-to-speech converters, such as Zamzar, iLovePDF, and OnlineConvertFree, allow you to upload a PDF file and convert the text into audio.

Yet, note that the availability and features of online PDF-to-speech tools may vary. Some platforms provide simple TTS functions. Meanwhile, others may offer advanced options such as voice selection, speed adjustment, and marking.

Benefits Of TTS For PDFs

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Benefits Of TTS For PDFs

TTS for PDF offers many benefits that enhance user accessibility, convenience, and productivity.

  • Multitask: This feature helps you listen to content while performing other tasks. Whether commuting to work, exercising, or doing housework, TTS enables hands-free viewing of PDFs, maximizing productivity and time management.
  • Reduces Fatigue: Prolonged reading can lead to eye strain and mental fatigue. Thus, TTS allows you to pause your visual reading and listen to the content.
  • Content Comprehension: TTS facilitates content comprehension by engaging multiple sensory channels. Hence, some individuals find it easier to understand and retain information as they can watch and listen to content.
  • Customization: TTS applications often offer customization options, allowing users to adjust speech speed, voice selection, and other parameters to their preferences and comfort.

These advantages make TTS a valuable tool for optimizing the consumption and use of PDF documents.


Can I make the PDF read aloud? The answer is Yes. The ability to read PDF files aloud is possible and easily accessible through a variety of methods and tools.

Whether using an Android device, iPhone, Mac, or Windows device or accessing PDF files online, there are easy options to meet your needs. These methods allow you to access and interact with PDF content.

So go ahead, and explore the different methods outlined in this article to read your PDFs aloud easily!

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