Atlanta Voiceover Studio

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Atlanta Voiceover Studio

Atlanta is quickly becoming a hotspot for voiceover artists and voiceover studios. With a thriving film, television, and media production industry, Atlanta offers ample opportunities for voiceover work in commercials, narrations, audiobooks, and more. For voice talent looking to break into the industry or established voice actors seeking high-quality recording facilities, the number of professional voiceover studios in Atlanta continues to grow.

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Overview of Atlanta Voiceover Studios

Atlanta Voiceover Studio

The voiceover industry in Atlanta has expanded significantly over the past decade. Atlanta now hosts dozens of recording studios specifically equipped for voiceover work. The city’s voiceover studios range from small home-based operations to large full-service audio production facilities.

Many Atlanta voiceover studios cater to beginner and intermediate voice talent providing affordable demo reel production and coaching services. Top studios in Atlanta like VoiceHaven, Voices Unlimited, and Your Voice have helped launch successful voiceover careers for hundreds of new artists.

Leading studios like Voicescratch, One Stop Voiceover, and Voice Trax Atlanta have become hubs for the city’s most in-demand voiceover veterans. Their state-of-the-art, soundproof recording booths and top-notch audio gear attract experienced voice talent working on major national projects.

Most pro voiceover studios in Atlanta provide not just recording facilities, but also casting assistance, marketing services, and audio editing and production. Full-time voice coaches and producers help voice actors hone their abilities and guide them through the voiceover process.

Atlanta’s voiceover industry spans every genre – commercials, promos, narrations, audiobooks, computer-generated speech, and more. Voiceover studios have established relationships with ad agencies, broadcasters, publishers, production houses, and other media outlets throughout the region.

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How to Use an Atlanta Voiceover Studio

Atlanta Voiceover Studio

Booking time and recording your voiceover project with a professional studio in Atlanta involves a few simple steps:

Audition and Sign with the Studio

First, contact the studios you’re interested in and inquire about auditioning. Many have an online process where you submit a voice sample by email. If the studio is interested in working with you, you’ll sign agreements establishing pay rates and other terms.

Schedule Your Recording Session

Tell the studio what type of project you’ll be recording – commercial, audiobook, narration, etc. Ask about availability that fits your schedule. Many Atlanta voiceover studios are available for recordings seven days a week. Give them as much advance notice as possible.

Prepare Your Script or Recordings

Make sure you have all the necessary scripts, transcripts, or other written materials for your recording session well in advance. Highlight directions, pronunciations, or other notes. Bring copies for the producer and engineer. If needed, purchase rights to any third-party content.

Arrive on Time and Warm Up

Show up for your booking on time or early. Use the waiting area to warm up your voice so you’ll be ready to record when called into the studio. Follow any posted studio rules and procedures.

Record Your Voiceover

In the recording booth, follow the producer’s instructions. Take breaths at the right spots, watch your pacing, and aim for consistent delivery from start to finish. Focus on channeling the right vocal tone and energy for the content.

Listen to Playbacks and Make Edits

Review the preliminary audio from your session. Identify any pick-ups needed to re-record mispronounced words or phrases. Work line-by-line until you’re satisfied with the final product.

Mixing, Editing, and Delivery

Allow the studio’s engineers to complete any necessary mixing and editing. This enhances audio quality and removes unwanted sounds. The studio will deliver the final voiceover files to you for review and approval.

Make Payment

Once your voiceover project is complete to your specifications, make payment to the studio according to terms of your contract. Many Atlanta voiceover studios accept all major credit cards.

Opinions on Atlanta Voiceover Studios

Atlanta Voiceover Studio

Voiceover artists working in Atlanta have praised the city’s voiceover studios for their professionalism, quality equipment, and strong networks. Here are opinions shared by voice actors based in Atlanta:

"Voicescratch is my go-to studio in Atlanta for major audiobook projects. Their sound booths provide incredibly clean audio captures. The producers are top-notch and really coach you through improving performance." – Mark R., audiobook narrator

"I just completed my demo reel at One Stop Voiceover last month. They were so patient and encouraging as I learned proper mic technique. I left feeling much more confident to start auditioning as a beginner VO artist." – Sarah T., voiceover student

"Voice Trax Atlanta has been my home studio for over a decade. I've produced thousands of TV and radio ads with them. Their turnaround time for edits is unbeatable. I recommend them for any major market voiceover job." – Alicia P., voiceover actor

"I tried a few different studios starting out, but VoiceHaven has been the best fit for me. It's an intimate, boutique studio with the most affordable rates in town. The coaches are invested in my growth." – Jeremy K., voice talent

"Voices Unlimited is a voiceover factory - but in a good way! They pump out quality demos and auditions for tons of voice actors. If you're looking to break into the Atlanta market, start here to get connected." – Lauren C., voiceactor

Examples of Top Atlanta Voiceover Studios

Atlanta Voiceover Studio

Voicescratch – Founded in 2001, Voicescratch provides recording, editing, and distribution for voiceovers. Equipped with state-of-the-art audio booths, their team of producers have created voiceovers for major brands like Coca-Cola, Home Depot, and more.

One Stop Voiceover – This Decatur studio works with voice talent at all levels, from amateurs to top-tier pros. One Stop Voiceover’s team offers coaching, custom demo production, and casting assistance. Alumni have been featured in commercials for Jeep, Popeyes, and Xfinity.

Voices Unlimited – Operating since 1998, Voices Unlimited records 4000+ voiceovers every year. Their beginner packages include a professional demo reel and an introduction to voice acting. They also work with experienced voice talent on TV, radio, and internet commercials.

VoiceHaven – A family-run voiceover studio located in Sandy Springs, VoiceHaven works with voice actors throughout their career. Sessions start at just $50/hour. VoiceHaven specializes in audiobook recordings and Google text-to-speech voice creation.

Your Voice – This Roswell studio provides a full range of voiceover services, including mentoring by working voice actors. Your Voice crafts professional demos to showcase skills, and has producers experienced in TV, radio, and internet commercial voiceovers.

5 FAQs About Atlanta Voiceover Studios

What is a typical voiceover studio like in Atlanta? Most Atlanta voiceover studios provide at least one professional recording booth optimized for voice work. Expect to also find a producer/engineer to operate the audio equipment and guide your session. Top studios also have writers, coaches, and a team to handle editing, mixing, and distribution of the voiceover to clients.

How much do Atlanta voiceover studios charge? Rates vary by studio and level of voice talent, but expect to spend $50-200+ per hour for studio time. Many also charge for demo reel production, editing, coaching, and other services. New voice actors can find options under $100/hour in Atlanta.

Do I need voice acting experience to record at a studio? Beginners are welcome at most voiceover studios in Atlanta. Many specialize in training new voices. Some audition is required, but studios work with voice actors to develop skills needed for professional recordings.

What kinds of voiceover work happens in Atlanta studios? Majority of studio work focuses on commercial voiceovers – TV, radio, internet ads. Narration for audiobooks, training videos, and more is also common. Some studios specialize in animation/gaming VO, phone systems, or other industries.

Do Atlanta voiceover studios provide voice coaching? Yes, coaching and demo reel production are standard services at most voiceover studios in Atlanta. Producers will coach you through improving delivery during sessions. Many also offer individual extended coaching to develop vocal skills long-term.


Atlanta’s diverse range of voiceover studios provide all the resources voice actors need to succeed – top-tier equipment, coaching, demos, casting assistance, and more. Major voiceover studios like Voicescratch, Voice Trax Atlanta, and others have launched hundreds of voices and produced voiceovers for big brands. Aspiring voice talent in Atlanta have ample opportunity through affordable studios like VoiceHaven and Voices Unlimited. For quality voiceover production, studios continue to make Atlanta an industry hub.

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