Comcast Business Voiceover A Comprehensive Guide

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Comcast Business Voiceover is a cloud-based phone service that provides businesses with a wide range of features, including unlimited nationwide calling, voicemail with transcription, auto attendant, call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, conference calling, music on hold, and more. Comcast Business Voiceover is a good choice for businesses of all sizes, as it is scalable and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each business. It is also a cost-effective solution, as it eliminates the need to purchase and maintain expensive on-premises phone equipment.

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Benefits of Comcast Business Voiceover

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There are many benefits to using Comcast Business Voiceover, including:


Comcast Business Voiceover is a very affordable phone service, especially when compared to traditional on-premises phone systems. There are no upfront costs to purchase hardware or software. Businesses simply pay a low monthly fee per user. This saves businesses money as they do not have to invest in an expensive PBX system and phones.


Comcast Business Voiceover is scalable, so businesses can easily add or remove lines as needed. This makes it easy to scale up during busy seasons or scale down when call volumes are lower. Businesses do not have to worry about purchasing and installing new phone equipment as their needs change. The cloud-based system allows for flexibility as businesses grow and evolve.


Comcast Business Voiceover is a very reliable phone service, as it is backed by Comcast’s nationwide network. It provides 99.9% uptime with the redundancy of Comcast’s robust fiber network. Even if the internet goes down at an office location, calls will keep flowing seamlessly. This gives businesses the peace of mind of knowing their phone system will be there when they need it.


Comcast Business Voiceover offers a wide range of features, including unlimited nationwide calling, voicemail with transcription, auto attendant, call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, conference calling, music on hold, and more. Businesses get access to enterprise-level features without the high cost of traditional phone systems. Features can be easily added or removed as needed.

Ease of Use

Comcast Business Voiceover is very easy to use. Businesses can manage their phone service online through a simple web portal or mobile app. It is easy to configure features and make changes without advanced technical skills. New employees can be up and running quickly with just basic training on the system.

Cost Savings

In addition to the low monthly cost, Comcast Business Voiceover saves businesses money in other ways:

  • No long distance charges for US calls
  • Free calls between locations
  • Lower costs for international calls
  • No extra fees for advanced features
  • No maintenance costs for on-site equipment
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How to Set Up Comcast Business Voiceover

Setting up Comcast Business Voiceover is a simple process. Here are the basic steps:

Sign Up Online or By Phone

First, businesses need to sign up for Comcast Business Voiceover, either online at the Comcast Business website or by calling the Comcast sales team. A representative will discuss your business needs, number of users, and features required.

Select Phone Numbers

Once signed up, businesses can select their new business phone numbers. You can transfer existing numbers or get new numbers. Toll-free numbers are also available.

Choose Features

Next, businesses choose which call management features they need like auto attendant, call forwarding, voicemail to email, etc. Features can be added or removed later as needed.

Install Phones

Comcast will ship pre-configured desk phones to plug into your internet connection. Phones will arrive ready to use out of the box. For mobile users, a phone app can be downloaded.

Train Employees

Once the phones arrive, businesses can train employees on the basic functions like transferring calls, accessing voicemail, setting up call forwarding, etc.

That’s it! With just those few simple steps, your business will be ready to start using your new Voiceover phone system.

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Using Comcast Business Voiceover

Using Comcast Business Voiceover on a daily basis is simple for employees. Here are some of the top things they can do with the system:

Make and Receive Calls

Calls can be made and received easily using the desk phones or mobile app. For desk phones, simply pick up the handset, dial the number, and start talking.

Transfer Calls

To transfer a call, employees press the “Transfer” button, dial the extension or number, and hang up once the party answers. Warm transfers are also possible.

Access Voicemail

To listen to voicemail, employees dial *99 on their phone or log into the online portal. Voicemails can also be accessed via email if that feature is enabled.

Hold and Park Calls

Need to put a caller on hold? Simply press the “Hold” button. The call can be retrieved by pressing the blinking line button. Calls can also be parked and picked up from any phone.

Make Conference Calls

Employees can easily set up conference calls by dialing multiple parties and pressing the “Conference” button to connect everyone.

Set Call Forwarding

If they will be away from their desk, users can forward calls to a coworker or their mobile phone by dialing a call forwarding code or adjusting settings online.

Check Voicemail Transcriptions

Voicemail messages are automatically transcribed to text for easy skimming. Users can read voicemails online or in their email.

Comcast Business Voiceover Features

Comcast Business Voiceover offers many robust features to help businesses improve communications and productivity. Key features include:

Unlimited Nationwide Calling

Businesses can make unlimited calls to any phone number in the United States with Comcast Business Voiceover. This eliminates the need to worry about long distance calling costs. International calling is available at competitive rates.

Voicemail with Transcription

Businesses can receive voicemail messages that are automatically transcribed to text for easier reviewing. Employees can skim through voicemails quickly by reading rather than listening. Transcriptions can be received via email as well.

Auto Attendant

The auto attendant provides a professional phone menu that routes callers to the correct department or employee. It’s customized with your business name and menu options. Callers can dial extensions or 0 for operator assistance.

Call Forwarding

Calls can be automatically forwarded to another number if employees are away from their desk. Options include forwarding all calls, forwarding when busy, and forwarding when there is no answer. Calls can be forwarded to mobile phones as well.

Call Waiting

With call waiting, users can put one call on hold and switch to answer another incoming call. A beep lets them know a new caller is waiting. This ensures businesses never miss an important customer call.

Caller ID

Caller ID allows employees to see who is calling before answering the phone. The caller’s number or business name will appear on the phone screen so calls can be screened if desired.

Conference Calling

Comcast Business Voiceover makes it easy to set up conference calls with multiple participants. Up to 100 callers can be included in the conference call. A conference bridge number and PINs provide access.

Music on Hold

Play relaxing or upbeat music while callers are placed on hold or waiting in the queue. Add your company’s brand and style to the holding experience.

Voicemail to Email

Voice messages can be automatically forwarded to any email address as an audio file attachment. Users can listen to messages right from their inbox without dialing in.

Administrator Portal

Businesses get a dedicated online portal to easily manage their Voiceover phone system and settings. Makes updates anytime, anywhere from your laptop or mobile device.

Mobile App

The mobile app extends Voiceover’s capabilities to your smartphones and tablets. Place and receive calls, access voicemail, transfer calls, and more whether you’re in the office or on the go.

Toll-Free Numbers

Add vanity toll-free numbers like 1-800-YOURBIZ to allow customers to call your business free of charge. Toll-free numbers help provide a professional image.

Call Groups

Call groups allow businesses to route calls to a team of employees, not just one person. If a sales rep is away, a customer can be answered by the next available member of the sales team.

Advanced Call Routing

Configure where calls should route depending on criteria like time of day, day of week, department extension, caller ID and more. Custom call flows improve efficiency.

Comcast Business Voiceover Pricing

Comcast Business Voiceover pricing depends on the plan selected and number of users. Here are the key details on Voiceover plans and pricing:

Unlimited Nationwide Calling Plan

The basic Voiceover plan starts at $30 per user/month and includes:

  • Unlimited calling within the US
  • Advanced call management features
  • Mobile app for remote calling
  • Voicemail with transcription

Global Calling Plan

For $5 more per user/month, the global calling plan adds:

  • Competitive international calling rates
  • Calling to landline phones in over 60 countries
  • Reduced international calling costs

Toll-Free Number Pricing

Toll-free numbers are available for an additional monthly fee:

  • 1-800 number: $5/month
  • 888, 877, 866, or 855 number: $10/month
  • Vanity/custom toll-free number: $15/month

Additional Lines

Extra phone lines can be added for $20/month per line. This allows more employees to make external calls simultaneously.

Businesses should visit the Comcast Business website and speak to a representative to get an exact quote based on their number of users, features, and minutes needed. Discounts may be available for bundling multiple Comcast Business services.

Comcast Business Voiceover Reviews

Comcast Business Voiceover generally has very positive reviews from most businesses that use the service. Here are some Comcast Business Voiceover reviews highlights:

“We switched from an old on-premise system to Comcast Voiceover and it has been fantastic. The call quality is crystal clear and setup was so easy.”

“Being able to take calls anywhere with the mobile app is a game changer. I can step away from my desk without missing anything.”

“The auto attendant provides a professional frontline for our company. Customers get routed smoothly to the right department.”

“Transcribing our voicemails to text has improved our response times significantly. Our team can skim messages instantly.”

“We have grown from 5 to 15 employees and it was seamless to add more lines. Scalability is critical for a growing small biz like ours.”

“Comcast Voiceover has all the features of leading competitors at a fraction of the cost. Very happy with the value we get.”

While the majority of reviews are positive, there are some complaints about Comcast Business Voiceover as well:

“The call quality is usually good but occasional glitches in call quality can be frustrating.”

“Dealing with Comcast customer service can be a pain sometimes. But the sales team was very helpful.”

“Some of the more advanced call routing features can be tricky to figure out at first.”

“Porting my existing numbers took longer than expected during the setup process.”

Overall, Comcast Business Voiceover receives high marks for providing a robust, enterprise-level phone system at an affordable price point for small and mid-sized businesses. The system combines reliability, scalability, and full-featured functionality. While there are some occasional complaints, most users are happy with the service.

Conclusion on Comcast Business Voiceover

In summary, Comcast Business Voiceover is a highly recommended voice solution for SMEs. It delivers a long list of capabilities that enhance productivity and customer service without the typical high costs. Setup is quick and easy compared to antiquated on-premises systems. Scalability allows it to adapt to business needs over time. While no service is perfect, the overall value proposition of Comcast Business Voiceover is compelling for most organizations. Considering the affordable rates, included features and advanced technology, it is certainly worth exploring as a modern phone system alternative. To learn more and get pricing info specific to your business, contact the Comcast sales team today.

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