Audiobook Editor Jobs

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Audiobook Editor Jobs

Overview of Audiobook Editor Jobs

Audiobook editing is a growing field, as more and more people turn to audiobooks for their entertainment and information needs. Audiobook editors are responsible for the overall sound quality and flow of audiobook recordings. They work closely with narrators to edit and refine the audio to create an engaging listening experience. If you’re interested in becoming an audiobook editor, read on to learn more about this career path.

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Audio Book Editor Jobs Near You (October 2023)

Audio book editors are in high demand as the popularity of audiobooks continues to grow. If you have the skills and experience to edit audiobooks, there are many opportunities available.

Here are some of the audio book editor jobs near you in October 2023:

  • Audio and Video Editor, Rise25 (Chicago, IL) – Remote, Part-Time
  • Content Editor/Writer, Seeking Health (Bellingham, WA) – Remote, Full-Time
  • Editor, Book Development, The New York Times Company (New York, NY) – $150K-$170K Annually, Full-Time
  • Editor, Audiobooks, PeopleSERVE, Inc. (New York, NY) – Full-Time
  • Field Producer, Chicago Bureau, FOX News Network, LLC (Chicago, IL) – Full-Time
  • Adjunct – Audio Video Production, Cincinnati State Technical & Community College (Cincinnati, OH) – Full-Time
  • Managing Editor, Minotaur (SMP), Macmillan (New York, NY) – $72K-$85K Annually, Full-Time
  • Part-time Audio Associate Producer (Podcasting), Magnificent Noise (Palo Alto, CA) – Full-Time
  • Editor, Atria Books new Latinx imprint, Paramount (New York, NY) – $65K-$75K Annually, Full-Time
  • Editor, Modern Love Podcast, The New York Times Company (New York, NY) – $118K-$128K Annually, Full-Time
  • Assistant Photo Editor, WSJ. Magazine, Dow Jones & Company, Inc. (New York, NY) – $160K Annually, Full-Time

These are just a few of the many audio book editor jobs that are currently available. To find more jobs, you can search online job boards or contact audio book publishers directly.

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How to Get a Job as an Audio Book Editor

To get a job as an audio book editor, you will need to have the skills and experience necessary to edit audiobooks. This includes having a good understanding of audio editing software, as well as being able to identify and correct errors in audio recordings.

You should also have a strong understanding of grammar and punctuation, as well as being able to write clear and concise instructions. It is also helpful to have experience with audio production and digital audio editing.

If you are interested in becoming an audio book editor, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting a job:

  • Get certified in audio editing software. There are many different certification programs available, so you can choose one that fits your needs and budget.
  • Build a portfolio of your work. This could include editing your own audiobooks, or editing audiobooks for friends, family, or colleagues.
  • Network with other audio book editors and professionals in the publishing industry. Attend industry events and conferences, and connect with people on LinkedIn.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of getting a job as an audio book editor.

What is an Audiobook Editor?

Audiobook Editor Jobs

An audiobook editor is the person responsible for taking raw audio recordings from narrators and turning them into polished, professional audiobooks. Their primary duties include:

  • Reviewing and editing recordings for technical quality, accuracy, pacing, and flow.
  • Suggesting pick-ups or re-records if the initial takes are not up to quality standards.
  • Adding in sound effects, music, and ambient noise to make the listening experience more immersive.
  • Working with narrators on character voices, accents, pronunciations, and acting choices.
  • Mastering and quality checking the final audiobook files before release.

In essence, the audiobook editor takes the raw vocals and shapes them into the final audiobook product listeners will enjoy. It’s a role that requires artistic audio editing skills as well as project management abilities.

How to Become an Audiobook Editor

Audiobook Editor Jobs

To become an audiobook editor, the following education and skills are typically required:


  • A bachelor’s degree in a field like communications, broadcasting, audio production, or media arts. Programs that offer audio editing courses are ideal.
  • Some employers may accept an associate’s degree plus equivalent job experience.

Key Skills

  • Expertise with digital audio workstation (DAW) software like Pro Tools, Audacity, Adobe Audition, etc.
  • Music theory fundamentals like rhythm, tempo, song structure.
  • Strong listening skills – ability to detect subtle audio quality issues.
  • Creative editing skills to craft engaging pacing and audio landscapes.
  • Project management abilities to keep productions on schedule.
  • Interpersonal skills to direct voice talent and collaborate with teams.
  • Attention to detail and commitment to quality.\n\n## Types of Audiobook Editor Jobs

There are a few main types of audiobook editing jobs:

In-House Editor

  • Works directly for a publishing company or audiobook producer.
  • Edits audiobooks in all genres – fiction, nonfiction, kids, etc.
  • May be full-time staff or a permanent freelancer.

Freelance Audiobook Editor

  • Works independently for various clients on a project basis.
  • May specialize in certain genres based on preference.
  • Enjoys flexible schedule but inconsistent workflow.

Contract Editor

  • Hired by publishing or production companies for specific projects.
  • Usually brought on during periods of high demand/deadlines.
  • Lends expertise without requiring a permanent role.

Salary and Job Outlook for Audiobook Editors

According to, the average annual salary for an audiobook editor in the U.S. is $52,774 as of January 2023. Salaries range from approximately $36k to $73k depending on factors like location, experience, and company size.

The job outlook for audiobook editors is very strong. Audiobook sales have been growing at double digit rates in recent years. More books than ever are being turned into audiobooks to meet consumer demand. This means there is an ongoing need for skilled audiobook professionals. Editors with the right technical abilities and creative chops should find plentiful job opportunities.

Finding Audiobook Editor Job Opportunities

Here are some tips for finding open audiobook editor positions:

  • Check job boards like Indeed, LinkedIn, and entertainment job sites.
  • Look for listings directly on publishers’ and audio production companies’ websites.
  • Attend audiobook industry events and network with professionals.
  • Reach out to studios with your resume – many hire freelancers regularly.
  • Build relationships with narrators and producers who often have insider info about roles.
  • Consider a freelance or internship role to get your foot in the door.
  • Follow audiobook editors and companies on social media for job updates.

Keys to Success as an Audiobook Editor

To excel and advance in audiobook editing, keep these success strategies in mind:

  • Master audio editing software. Stay up-to-date on the latest versions and features. The tools are constantly evolving.
  • Listen critically. Develop keen ears that can spot subtle issues average listeners would miss.
  • Work efficiently. Use time-saving editing shortcuts and meet tight deadlines.
  • Collaborate effectively. Build positive relationships with voice talent and production teams.
  • Be creative. Use sound effects, ambiance and editing techniques to make engaging audio.
  • Stay organized. Juggle tasks and projects like a pro. Missing deadlines can cost you.
  • Keep learning. Take workshops and training to expand your skillset. The field is constantly advancing.


Audiobook editor is an exciting career choice for those passionate about audio production and working with creative talent. As demand for audiobooks grows, skilled editors are needed to bring titles to life. If you have great ears, technical chops, and project management abilities, it could be a fulfilling path. With some education and experience, you can get started as an audiobook editor.

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