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May 21, 2024

📌 Recent button

Now you can add pauses and adjust speed and pitch to your scripts faster with “Recent buttons”.

May 08, 2024

🖥️ Relocated the actions button & added new setting in the editor

Exciting news! We’ve just rolled out some fantastic updates to the Advanced Editor to make your experience even better:

1. Editor Interface: We’ve relocated the action buttons above the editing area for easier access.

2. Settings Options:

  • New flexibility! Choose to keep or delete scripts after each creation.
  • You can customize the time gap between blocks (default is 0.2 seconds).
Aprill 23, 2024

💾 Improved scrip saving in Advanced editor

  • Now the script will be saved in the database instead of the browser. So you don’t need to worry about losing scripts when you close or change browsers.
  • After creating the audio file, the script will no longer be deleted but will still be retained in the script area.
Feb 05, 2024

🚀 Introduce new Multilingual Voices

We’re excited to unveil our new feature, Multilingual Voices!

Multilingual Voices breaks down language barriers by offering the flexibility to select text-to-speech accents in up to 91 languages and variants. This feature includes automatic language detection, allowing the system to identify the language of your content and apply the corresponding voice and accent seamlessly.

We’re committed to making communication more inclusive and accessible. Enjoy the new possibilities with Multilingual Voices!

For tutorials, visit our Help Center.


List of supported language/variants

We support using Multilingual voices in up to 91 languages: 

Afrikaans (South Africa)Javanese (Latin, Indonesia)Spanish (Spain)Russian (Russia)
Amharic (Ethiopia)Georgian (Georgia)Spanish (Mexico)Sinhala (Sri Lanka)
Arabic (Egypt)Kazakh (Kazakhstan)Estonian (Estonia)Slovak (Slovakia)
Arabic (Saudi Arabia)Khmer (Cambodia)BasqueSlovenian (Slovenia)
Azerbaijani (Latin, Azerbaijan)Kannada (India)Persian (Iran)Somali (Somalia)
Bulgarian (Bulgaria)Korean (Korea)Finnish (Finland)Albanian (Albania)
Bangla (Bangladesh)Lao (Laos)Filipino (Philippines)Serbian (Cyrillic, Serbia)
Bengali (India)Lithuanian (Lithuania)French (Belgium)Sundanese (Indonesia)
Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)Latvian (Latvia)French (Canada)Swedish (Sweden)
Catalan (Spain)Macedonian (North Macedonia)French (Switzerland)Swahili (Kenya)
Czech (Czechia)Malayalam (India)French (France)Tamil (India)
Welsh (United Kingdom)Mongolian (Mongolia)Irish (Ireland)Telugu (India)
Danish (Denmark)Malay (Malaysia)GalicianThai (Thailand)
German (Austria)Maltese (Malta)Hebrew (Israel)Turkish (Turkey)
German (Switzerland)Burmese (Myanmar)Hindi (India)Ukrainian (Ukraine)
German (Germany)Norwegian Bokmål (Norway)Croatian (Croatia)Urdu (Pakistan)
Greek (Greece)Nepali (Nepal)Hungarian (Hungary)Uzbek (Latin, Uzbekistan)
English (Australia)Dutch (Belgium)Armenian (Armenia)Vietnamese (Vietnam)
English (Canada)Dutch (Netherlands)Indonesian (Indonesia)Chinese (Mandarin, Simplified)
English (United Kingdom)Polish (Poland)Icelandic (Iceland)Chinese (Cantonese, Traditional)
English (Ireland)Pashto (Afghanistan)Italian (Italy)Chinese (Taiwanese Mandarin, Traditional)
English (India)Portuguese (Brazil)Japanese (Japan)Zulu (South Africa)
English (United States)Portuguese (Portugal)Romanian (Romania) 
Nov 16, 2023

🖱️ Create blocks of separate files with one click

We’ve introduced a new feature that simplifies the creation of multiple scripts. Now, you can generate separate blocks for various files with a single click, enhancing the ease and convenience of your experience.

Oct 16, 2023

🗄️ Pronunciation Library (beta)

Great news folks! We’ve rolled out a Beta version of the Pronunciation Library feature.

The pronunciation library feature is a new beta feature that allows you to save pronunciations and apply them to a project. This can be useful for applying to different projects that help your work faster. Learn more


Please note that this feature is still under development, and there may be some bugs or missing. We appreciate your feedback in helping us to improve this feature.

  • The pronunciation library feature may not work correctly with all languages.
  • Some pronunciation dictionaries may not be compatible with the pronunciation library feature.
If you have any feedback on the pronunciation library feature, please let us know. We appreciate your feedback in helping us to improve this feature.
Aug 18, 2023

📌 Apply voice as default & UX improvement

Apply a voice to use as default.

A small but powerful addition today that we hope you like.

Now you can set a voice to use as the default for your project, and no need to apply voice again as before.


We have also improved overall the experience and bug fixed!

July 20, 2023

✅ Bulk Actions and Edit file name

Exciting news! We’ve just rolled out a shiny new feature: Bulk Actions and Edit file name.

1. Bulk Actions:

Now, you can use Bulk Actions to select multi-blocks to Preview or Create.

You can also delete multi-blocks with ease.


2.Edit file name:

To help you manage your files, now you can edit the file name and manage it in your way.

July 4, 2023

⚙️ Apply Settings to Project (Improved)

We have an exciting update to share with you today!

1. You can now select specific settings to apply to your project with our enhanced “Apply settings to Project” feature.


2. Additionally, we’ve introduced a convenient “Copy & Paste” option settings to a single block.


Pro voices allow selecting the settings which are Voice, Voice Styles, and Tone Settings.

But Impressive voices allow selecting the Voice only.

June 13, 2023​

🖥️ New & Improved editor experience

We’re excited to announce a great new update for Micmonster


1. “Draft saved” is the new function that auto-save to keep the editing when you have unfinished work and you can continue editing until the script has ready to generating to a voiceover file.


2. The update on “Used this script” includes the script’s adjustments in which the voiceover file is generated.


3. “Apply Settings to Project” helps to apply “Tone settings” to the script more easily in one step.


4. Support to set your favorite editor by setting “Set Basic/Advanced editor as the default”

May 25, 2023​

🖥️ New Editor Introduced

We’re excited to launch the New Editor in Advance settings to make Micmonster feel intuitive and easier to use.


⬆️ Import the script and split the scripts in different ways

  • Split script by Paragraphs.
  • Split script by Sentences.
  • Don’t split.
  • Supported document with formats: .txt, .docx, .srt.

🗣️ Change voice

Select your favorite voices to find the voices that usage frequently. 


🧰 The toolbar in the Advanced editor to edit easier

You just highlight the text, now the advanced features appear right at the text that you have highlighted such as: Phoneme, Tone, Pause, …


🎙️ Voice styles drop-down

We have designed the voices in a drop-down style for you to choose from, and the voice styles have also integrated the name of the voice for you to easily edit. 


❤️ Favorite voices

Add frequently used voices to your favorites for quick access.