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Audio is 50% Experience of Any Video

No matter how fancy or animated your videos are, if the audio doesn’t sound professional then it’s quite strange to expect your video to perform well.

It does not matter what kind of videos you are making, audio is half experience.

All the people dealing in video marketing/podcasts are aware of it. That’s why you should be more concerned about the audio in your video as well.

Unlike listening, making professional audio or voiceover is not that easy.

Here are some of the traditional ways of Making voiceovers.

Option 1

Record is hard

If you have never recorded audio, it will easily take 30-45 minutes for recording 5-10 minutes of audio. If you have tried it, you would be knowing it already.

Even if you can record a perfect voiceover on the first attempt, you are still paying the time & effort. Make no mistake, you also need expensive audio equipments.

Imagine what if you spend this time in other areas of your business 

voice artist expensive

Option 2

Hiring is expensive

Hiring a voice artist can be expensive, I mean very expensive. A professional voiceover artist will charge hundreds of dollars for a per-minute video.

Not to forget, even if you are paying, it still needs effort from your side.

❌ Spend countless hours finding voice artist
❌ Negotiate the price
❌ Wait 2-3 days
❌ Ask for revision if you found a mistake or you changed a few words in your script.

Imagine what if you invest this money into other parts of your business.

Option 3

Option 4

Robotic voices scare Viewers

When the above options don’t suit then some people try robotic voice. This is the biggest mistake you can make in your business. (AGAIN!) Not to forget audio is 50% experience.

If you don’t care about the video that you are going to make, then go ahead. If you are going to make it for the business, then it will affect your business in a much negative way.

A robotic voice will scare your users. People don’t want to listen to robotic voices because there no feel at all.


Rightfully, Micmonster Is The Only No-Brainer Solution For Any And All Of Your Voiceover Needs!

 You can Generate a natural-sounding voiceover within 7 seconds or less with fewer efforts & less money 

MicMonster will not only save your time & money. It will also make your video more engaging for positive ROI.

Micmonster CREATES 100% Natural Human-Like Voiceovers!

Other Apps Might 'Claim' it, But Micmonsters Actually Lives It.

Hearing is Believing, right? Listen to some short voice clips generated from Micmonster!

micmonster box

Special Discounted Offer

Normal Price: $99

Get 63% Discount

Get Micmonster Now For Only $37!

Only $37

Grab Full Access to MicMonster Right NOW!

One Time Payment | Support Included

Why Choose MicMonster

200+ Voices 

Every script needs a different kind of speaker. Mic Monster includes both male & female speakers. Every speaker has their own way of speaking.  You can find all types of voices for your next project. You can listen the sample before selecting a voice.

48 Languages 

Arabic (Arabs, egypt, Saudi arabia), Bngali, Bulgarian, Catalan (spain), Chinese (CN, HK,  TW), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch (BEL, NL), English(AU, CN, IN, IR, PH, UK, US), Estonian (estonia), Filipino, Finnish, French (BE, CN, FR, SW), German (AUT, GE, SW), Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, irish Gaelic, Italian, Japanese Kannada, Korean (south korea), Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Malayalam, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese(BR, PT), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish (Mexico, Spain), Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh

Dialogue  Videos

It is no secret that using more than one voiceover will increase the engagement with viewers. In the PRO version, you unlock the “MERGE” function, which will allow you to use multiple voices in a single voiceover.

You can also use this to mix different voice styles of the same speaker.

Control Voice Emotion

Not every script is made for a formal speech.  You can change voice emotion cheerful, Empathetic, chat, etc. Note: It is available for English USA language only.

Change Speech & Pitch

Adjust the speed and pitch depending on the type of your script.  Lower voices tend to convey trust & authority, while higher voices are viewed as more cheerful and energetic.

Free Suport

We are here to help you. Have any question in your mind. Just raise your hand; our team got you covered.

Add Pauses

 A woman, without her man, is nothing Or A woman: without her, man is nothing. Micmonster can add pause automatically depending on Punctuation.


Some languages such as English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, etc are available in different accents depending on the region. Micmoster has speakers for different accents.

Cross Platform 

From Android To Mac, you can generate voiceover from any device. Micmonster is cloud-based solution (mobile responsive)

3 Easy Clicks

MicMonster is so easy to use that even a 5 year kid can generate voiceover. Type or Paste your script, choose language & voice. Generate & download.

Micmonster can create Voiceover For ​

Sales Videos

For a Good Sales video, you need a trustworthy voice. We offer a wide range of faithful voices.

Explainer Videos

There is no reason to pay for the voice artist when you have Micmonster that can generate voices with no time.

Informational Videos

Save your time while making information videos. MicMonster can transform any lengthy text into a human-sounding voiceover in under 7 seconds.

Tutorial Videos

Don’t search for the microphone. Let MicMonster generate the audio without any microphone. 

Social Media Videos

For Social media, you need a cheerful voice. With our voice emotion control feature, you can generate perfect voices for social media.


Unlike sales videos, we can’t hire a freelancer for every podcast. With MicMonster, you can generate voices for your whole life by paying a one-time payment.

Audio Books

Write books? Then Micmonster is perfect for you. You can convert your books into audio using micmonster 

Or Any Other Kind of Video
MicMonster can transform any text into a human voice in no time.


  1. Paying Hiring Expensive freelancers
  2. Waiting for 2-3 Days
  3. Sounding Robotic
  4. Learning Anything

Made For Video Creators

Other Text To Speech (TTS) tools are made for developers. Nobody has a problem if they sound robotic while you are in the app. MicMonster is made for anyone who wants to wow his/her audience. So stop using robotic voices that scare users and deliver almost no engagement.

Works With Any Video Creation Platform

It doesn’t matter which video maker platform you are using. Until it allows you to import mp3 audio files, you can use MicMonster with it. Here are some famous video maker platforms.  

premiere pro

All Other Tools That Let You Import Audio

Ok, I have been mentioning that using MicMonster you can generate voiceovers in no-time

But seeing is believing. Watch & learn how to generate professional sounding voiceovers with micmonster.

The Only voice Artist/Tool You Need When you

Are on a limited budget: For a fraction of the price that voice artists are charging, you can get MicMonster for generating unlimited voiceovers.

Have Time Shortage: Why wait for 2-3 days when you can generate professional voiceovers within seconds.

Here Are 5 Undeniably Solid Reasons Why Micmonster Is A 'Must Have' Tool For You To Have!

More Sales 

A great quality ‘Micmonster generated voiceover’ will get you more sales, plain and simple.

Plus the ability to create instant voiceovers in a heartbeat will allow you to test multiple scripts fast and HENCE find the highest converting one.

So you make more money with the same amount of traffic you are already getting!

Eliminates All Language Barriers!

Many people aren’t fluent enough to speak in a major language like English.

And that STOPS them from ever creating a video in the first place.

With Micmonster, we eliminate that bottleneck once and for all. No speaking necessary at all!

Finally, publish that video, AND experience the explosion in sales and revenue that you know a video can produce!

More Views And Subscribers!

This goes without saying:

Micmonster generated voiceovers will engage your viewers and keep them hooked longer on your video!
That instantly results in explosive subscriber growth naturally.

THE best part about having more subscribers is that they will get notified each time you upload a new video.
And all your future uploads will get even more views and more views… which translates into higher rankings!

The cycle repeats itself, and it’s a great sight to watch! Especially, when your bank account is growing as well.

Top 3 Ranking In 6 Days 57% Average Watch Duration With Micmonster!

Make Videos Upto 100x Faster!

Massively cut the time it takes for you to finish a video.

It usually takes over 30 minutes to create just one video and edit it. And that’s for ‘guru level’ video marketers who know what they are doing..

What chance the ‘little guy’ has to keep pace with them on a small shoestring budget?

It’s simple: When you are generating voiceovers for your videos in less than 7 seconds with MicMonster, you’ll be able to not just “keep pace”, but actually “outpace” them.
Just copy and paste your script or text in Micmonster to get the audio in mere seconds.

Completely eradicate the tedious recording process and just have Micmonster generate the audio effortlessly.

Then drag your slides etc into any of your favorite video editor, insert your Micmonster generated audio, adjust a bit and you’re done!

Your competitors won’t be able to figure out how are you able to crank out videos at such a pace and be “all over the place”, but they surely will feel the consequences of your moves.

Save THOUSANDS Of Dollars On Voice Over Services!

‘Voice over talent’ charge ridiculous fees for their services. Below is the image from one such marketplace..

The lowest one starts at $50 an hour and easily goes to $150 an hour!

Fortunately, with Micmonster, you’ll never need to hire another voice talent EVER AGAIN in your life and that will easily save you 1000s of dollars overtime.

Micmonster Delivers On Time….Every Time!

Have you ever hired someone for a voice-over and they don’t deliver at the deadline? Happens all the time for most of us!

Just that one slip up can throw your entire project, launch, or presentation out of order.

And that can easily catch you off guard and throw your entire project or launch in serious hot waters.

Well, fortunately with Micmonster, that’s a thing of the past.

MicMonster is your new ‘Voice Assistant’ that delivers your audio the VERY moment you want it.

And it does so without any hiccups or time-consuming back and forth communication with the freelancer.

It does what it’s supposed to do- i.e, create you a 100% human-like voiceover in 7 seconds or less … every single time, WITHOUT FAIL.

micmonster box

Special Discounted Offer

Normal Price: $99

Get 63% Discount

Get Micmonster Now For Only $37!

Only $37

Grab Full Access to Micmonster Today!

One Time Payment | No Monthly fees| Support included

Zero-Risk. 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

We’re completely confident that Micmonster is exactly what YOU NEED for making professional voiceovers.

We are confident enough to offer you 30 days money-back guarantee. No matter the reason, we will refund the money even if you don’t like our website fonts.

In other WORDS. You are taking NO RISK when you invest in Micmonster!

This is our PROMISE!

If you don’t like the software, just send us an email or open a support ticket and in less than 24 hours, and we will give you back all your money!

we’ll take all the risk because we are confident you will like it!

Limited Time Deal, No Fake Scarcity

Maybe you came across products on the internet that claims limited time offer but you still see the same price after one year. No update, Same offer until they are getting new customers. 

Micmonster is constantly being updated and improved upon, we’re not able to offer this product at a one-time price for a lifetime. The cost will eventually go up.

Once we surpass 1,000 users, all profits will be reinvested into further Micmonster development. To access its full features, future customers will be faced with a much higher cost.

Hence we suggest securing your early bird license today.


Most frequent questions and answers

You have to pay more price for fewer features. You will also not get upcoming features at a discounted price.

Yes, It even works with iPhone.

Yes, Micmonster pro. That will 10x your resources. Its price is $57

You can write us at [email protected]. We are here to help you.