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$ 5
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  • Up to 1000 words
  • Commercial license
  • Free revision


$ 20
  • Up to 2000 words
  • Commercial license
  • Free revision

Why We are So Cheap?

We started Micmonster (AI text to speech tool) with the aim of making VOICEOVERS AFFORDABLE FOR EVERYONE.

However, some of your projects might need a REAL voice. Although Micmonster sounds absolutely amazing, there is a slight difference between human & AI voices.

Our team is working on erasing the difference. But it might take a long time. That’s why we have signed a full-time contract with professional Voiceover Artists. So, we can offer an affordable voiceover for everyone.

A full-time contract will release the stress of voiceover artists to get customers.

So they agreed to offer voiceover service at a very low price.

We believe retaining customer generates more revenue than ripping new customers. That’s why we are offering Micmonster Voice-over Service at the most affordable price in the market.

What People Are Saying About Micmonster

Micmonster is one of my new favorite tools for adding voices to clients' projects, especially since it's so affordable and has a lot more than I expected! Micmonster provides hundreds of voice overs that are perfect for any project type
There are many tools on the market for converting text into speech, but not as many that do it successfully. In fact, Micmonster is one of the few leading providers since they can convert any text into natural sounding human voice phrases.
I've tried a bunch of different automated AI text to speech tools and Micmonster is the best by far. Not only does it have more features, but it has voice quality that is much better than competitors. it's fast, easy, and always generates high-quality voiceover at very high production speed.
Thanks go out to Micmonster for saving the day! The voice quality is much better than competitors, plus it saved me 8 hours in generating audiobook because it is so much fast.
I love how Micmonster releases new features every few months, and I am always amazed by the AI technology that's used to convert text into voice. It is becoming better day by day.
I found the perfect way to save money while making an audiobook. The result was so good that even people who don't know me have complimented on how professional it sounds, which is pretty amazing.
I just purchased micmonster a voice app and I think it will be perfect for podcast intros. The voices are clear, diverse, and easy to use!
People have a difficult time understanding my English accent. Micmonster just saved me
Micmonster is a no nonsense, easy to use AI Voiceover tool for generating enticing voiceovers that sound like real.
I was going to hire a voiceover artist for my audiobook, but instead I saved three days and 700 dollars by making the voiceover by Micmonster.
I found the best tool for converting books into audiobooks. It is simple to use and can be done in a matter of seconds!
As someone who has used many speech-to-text services, I am really excited about the quality of these voices. They are fantastic and will be a great addition to my tutorials on YouTube.
I was one of only a few people lucky enough to buy micmonster at launch. At first, the voice sounded robotic and I had my doubts about whether it would be successful or not but now that I've seen how much work has gone into this product its clear to me that it will soon dominate.
I got the micmonster as soon it launched, and I was skeptical about how well this new product would work. But after some time using it myself, I can say that with all of my heart: The next big thing is here!
Don't let the robotic voice hold you back! Micmonster is a human-like synthesizer that bridges this gap between machine-made and real. It has multiple voices to choose from, so if there's one for your needs she'll be happy to oblige.
I'm not sure what I was expecting but it's safe to say that this app exceeded my expectations. Micmonster has a variety of voice-over styles from deep and masculine, all the way down to soft feminine voices for more intimate purposes. It doesn't sound like you're listening in on some robot giving instructions anymore!
Micmonster is a time-saving, innovative voiceover tool that will help you to focus on other things while still delivering high quality recordings. You can't get an experience before you try it by yourself so please do not hesitate and go ahead!
For me, Micmonster has been a voiceover revolution. It's made my life as an audio producer so much easier with the quality and versatility that it offers! I've seen this program go from robotic to amazing- I have no doubt that in 5 years or less we'll be seeing more of these voices on internet.
This is a program I have waited for—for years. I heard about it a couple weeks before it became available. I purchased Micmonster the DAY it became available and found it useful from the start, particularly with the ability to make changes in the speakers. By mixing actual recordings with various realistic speakers, I was able to make short engaging information videos quickly and easily. But, I find I use it in other ways. The natural voices make it easy to use as a “proof reader.” I paste an article I have written and then listen to it read it to me. I catch many mistakes with my ears that my eyes miss. I much prefer it to the miserable computer voice built into my computer operating system. AND it has gotten much better since the program first came out. For a very reasonable cost, adding a natural voice reader is a requirement for me, not an option.
Phil Mills
The voices are phenomenal and the interface is easy to use. I'm a big fan already, so these will definitely be used for short tutorials and ads!
Ever heard of Speechelo? Don’ buy it, go with Micmonster instead!
It's very good, have some great voices and very motivated team to make product better.
I saved 3 days and 500 dollars by producing voiceover for a book.
Until now, I've tried different text-to-speech programs, but they weren't enough with multiple languages except English and I wanted my money-back from them. However, Micmonster is also very awesome with both English and other languages. I also use it for Turkish in addition to English for my promotional videos' voiceovers. It is also more optional and have much more quality than other similar programs even in Turkish as well as I said before. Day by day, they are improving by adding new features to the program, and I hope it will be more famous in the next days. I can honestly and clearly say that Micmonster is the best text-to-speech program that I have used until now. This is definitely not a cheat, these are my real thoughts from a real person.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the quality of voice then we will refund your money and let you keep the voiceover and use as you like it.

Customer satisfaction is our priority.