Get Our New Expressive Voices

Upgrade your Pro account to the max and unlock 24 new voices.

Note: Please make sure you use the same email that you are using to login into your micmonster account. 

What are expressive voices?

Expressive neural voices offer natural-sounding speech that sounds incredibly clear and crisp. They’re perfectly pronounced, offering smooth transitions between words with no forced pauses or awkward silence. 

These voices can figure out the sentiment from context automatically so your communications will always be perfect every time

Satisfaction Guarantee

Give a try it for 30 days if you don’t like it no problem, we will refund your  and let you keep all voiceover files that you have generated.


It will cost you one time price $15. 

Yes, these voices are available in the advanced editor. You can make a dialogue voiceover using pro max and pro voices 

No, currently these voices will be only available for cloud-based solutions. We will soon release it for our mobile app.

You will unlock 24 voices. These voices are mainly available in the English language.

No, you don’t buy this deal. We will unlock all the voices  within a week. This deal is only for lifetime users.