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Character per voiceover300012000
Music library40 Tracks
NarrationComing Soon
Emphasise WordsComing Soon

Micmonster Pro

Get Micmonster Pro Now For Only $67!

Only $67

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Why Upgrade To Micmonster Pro

1) More Voices

When you upgrade to Micmonster pro you will unlock 90 more voices.

Pro Voice samples

All Voices That You will Unlock

Arabic (Egypt) – 1
Arabic (Saudi Arabia) – 1
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) – 1
Catalan (Spain) – 2
Chinese (Hong Kong)- 2
Chinese (Simplified PRC) – 8
Chinese (Taiwan-Special Voice) – 2
Croatian (Crotia) – 1
Czech (Czech Republic) – 1
Danish (Denmark) – 1
Dutch (Belgium) – 1
Dutch (Netherlands) – 2
English (Australia) – 1
English (Canada) – 1
English (India) – 1
English (Ireland) – 1
English (Philippines) – 1
English (UK) – 2
English (US) – 13
Estonian (Estonia) – 1

Finnish (Finland) – 2
French (Belgium) – 1
French (Canada) – 2
French (France) – 1
French (Switzerland) – 1
German (Austria) – 1
German (Germany) – 1
German (Switzerland) – 1
Greek (Greece) – 1
Hebrew (Israel) – 1
Hindi (India) – 1
Hungarian (Hungary) – 1
Indonesian (Indonesia) – 1
Irish Gaelic – 1
Italian (Italy) – 2
Japanese (Japan) – 1
Korean (South Korea) – 1
Latvian (Latvia) – 1
Lithuanian (Lithuania) – 1
Malay (Malaysia) – 1

Maltese (Malta) – 1
Norwegian (Norway) – 2
Polish (Poland) – 2
Portuguese (Brazil) – 1
Portuguese (Portugal) – 2
Romanian (Romania) – 1
Russian (Russia) – 2
Slovak (Slovakia) – 1
Slovenian (Slovenia) – 1
Spanish (Mexico) – 1
Spainish (Spain) – 1
Swedish (Sweden) – 2
Tamil (India) – 1
Telugu (India) – 1
Thai (Thailand) – 2
Turkish (Turkey) – 1
Ukrainian (Ukraine) – 1
Urdu (Pakistan) – 1
Vietnamese (Vietnam) – 1
Welsh (United Kingdom) – 1

2) Lengthy Voiceovers

With the personal version, you can only render 3000 characters at once.

However, using a pro you can unlock 6000 characters at once and you have the MERGE feature to even make longer voiceovers.

3) Unlimited Projects

Manage your audio files like pro. Unlike a personal license, you can create unlimited projects.

It is kind of like having folder structure. Not only this you can also delete a project with the click of a button instead of manually deleting files.

unlimited projects

4) Background Music

Background music another factor that enhances engagement. However, background music is expensive especially when you want it for commercial purposes.

That’s why we included 40 royalty-free music tracks that you can download and attach with voiceovers using any audio creation software.

Not only this, selecting the perfect track can also take hours. We have included music tracks that are perfect for Micmonster voices. Here are short samples available of 4 tracks.

5) Commercial License

Either you can want to sell your own products using micmonster or sell to other peoples for making money.

You need a commercial license. With the Pro version, you will also unlock a commercial license that will give you the rights to sell voiceovers or market your own products.

Upcoming Features For Pro Users


AI technology Sometimes mispronounces invented words. With narration, you can control how to speak specific features. Our team is working on narration. Pro users will Narration FREE OF COST when available.

Emphasize Words

You can put stress on specific words inside your speech that are important. Micmonster pro users will get a free update to Emphasize words feature when available. 

Micmonster Pro

Get Micmonster Pro Now For Only $67!

Only $67

Grab Full Access to MicMonster Right NOW!

One Time Payment | Support Included

Money-Back guarantee

You are covered by our 30 days money-back guarantee. We will refund your 100% money even if you didn’t like your website style. Now you have no risk you also don’t have any excuse to upgrade your license.

money back guarantee

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Most frequent questions and answers

Can I Directly purchase the Pro version without the front end?

No, you can’t. You will not receive login details.

Is there any guarantee?

YES, it comes with 30 days money-back guarantee.

Is it necessary to upgrade?

NO, this upgrade is 100% optional 

No Thanks,  I don’t want to 10x the power of Micmonster.