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Who Should Upgrade?

Micmonster agency is not for everyone. It is for the top 1% who want to use Micmonster to maximize the profits. 

Team Members

Do you work in a team? You want to multiple people to access Micmonster for generating voiceovers then you should upgrade to Micmonster agency.


If you want to make money by selling voiceovers to other people then the micmonster agency can be useful for you. You can hire a virtual agent to generate a voiceover for you. 


Most frequent questions and answers

You can add upto 10 team members

If you are don’t have any team member then you agency license isn’t for you.

Inside the profile section. you will get feature to add team members acount. If you upgrade to the agency license

No you can’t. If we find the you are selling to other peoples then we will suspend your account permantently.